January 16, 2018

GIT supplies mobile surveillance for major African security organisation

Graphic Image Technologies (GIT), specialists in remote CCTV and control room technologies, video compression and transmission, has supplied and installed a complete mobile surveillance solution into a number of cash-in-transit vehicles of a major security provider in Africa. The solution includes the award-winning SerVision Mobile Video Gateway (MVG) 400, which provides closed-circuit television (CCTV) monitoring on the vehicles themselves, as well as GPS support for tracking purposes and bi-directional audio for communication with dispatchers and other personnel.

The security company required a camera and Digital Video Recorder (DVR) system for the monitoring of team behaviour in the vehicles, as part of an operational efficiency drive. GIT bid on a closed tender for the contract, and was awarded it based on their skills, expertise and experience in the industry, as well as their relationship with SerVision and the award-winning MVG 400 product on offer.

“The MVG 400 is ideal for the application required by the customer, supporting either four or eight cameras and incorporating an anti-shock, vibration resistant chassis that ensures reliability on the go. It also uses SerVision’s advanced video compression, which provides high-quality video at low bitrates. With integrated support for cellular and Wi-Fi transmission, the MVG streams multiple channels of live or recorded video from vehicles to remote client devices,” says Laurence Smith, Executive at GIT.

“The customer can now get live visual confirmation of exactly what is happening on their vehicles for enhanced control and operational efficiency, and they can use this information to help modify behaviours that may cause security vulnerabilities in an environment that is well known to be dangerous and high risk,” he adds.

Graphic Image Technologies provided a SerVision MVG 400 unit connected to a total of four cameras within each vehicle. This provides real-time feedback and greater visibility from within the trucks, it also facilitates the identification of any issues and assists to improve efficiency and security by enhancing process design.   In terms of security, the SerVision MVG 400 units also allow the organisation to view and review footage from transport jobs to enable more effective reactions at the time of an event, and enhanced training to prevent future events.

“Security is all about adhering to best practice processes and ensuring compliance both within and externally to an organisation. With the SerVision MVG 400 units and cameras installed in their trucks, the client can improve operations to maximise safety and efficiency and react appropriately to situations, among other advantages. We have received positive feedback so far regarding the solution, particularly with regard to its low data usage and the intuitive nature of the software,” Smith concludes.

Graphic Image Technologies (GIT) was formed in 1991 and specialises in remote CCTV and control room technologies as well as broadcast technologies including video playout, compression and transmission.  The company targets organisations that require CCTV technology and broadcasting companies with its solutions, delivering technology that has been specifically chosen due to its quality and best of breed status. The company features a level 2 BBEEE status.

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