October 19, 2017

Fuel Monitoring Systems- helping fleet owners to make optimal decisions about fleet usage

African Mining Brief speaks to Stanislav Maksimov, Head of International Sales, Omnicomm, and Paul Nel, Managing Director, Omnicomm Africa, at the Electra Mining Africa 2014 that took place at the EXPO CENTRE, NASREC in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Newton Mthethwa: Stanislav, please say a few words about Omnicomm

Stanislav Maksimov: Omnicomm, one of the leading developers and manufacturers of fuel monitoring solutions and other equipment for fleet management needs, was established in 1998 in Moscow, Russia. The company focuses on the development of proprietary solutions in fuel consumption monitoring.The company with a total of 200 employees has production facilities that are located in Russia and Estonia, European Union, as well as approximately 180 distribution offices across the globe. Omnicomm has proved to be a reliable partner implementing a large number of projects for clients representing various industries. The company’s active client base includes well-known international airlines, construction and mining companies, oil enterprises, large transnational corporations, as well as industry leaders such as GAZPROM, Alrosa,Kazakhmys, Coca-Cola, Halliburton, DHL, UPS and many others.Inmining sectorOmnicomm works with such leading system integrators as Wenco, VIST Group, MODULAR (Komatsu Group), Leica Geomatics and others.

More people want to reduce fuel theft and our solution can work for you

Newton Mthethwa: How are Omnicomm products connected with mining sector?

Stanislav Maksimov:Fuel is certainly a very important expense item in mining industry. Control over the real performance of numerous fleets consisting of large machinery is essential for effective management. In mining, in addition to heavy-duty trucks there are fleets of related special machines. Its automation allows you to create complete solutions for fleet management.Besides, there is a realissueof fuel theft. Omnicomm’s solutions can eliminateany problems connected withfuel drains and give an opportunity to optimize the exploitation of fleet.

Newton Mthethwa: And what is your involvement in this sphere so far?

Stanislav Maksimov: Omnicomm has experience in making solutions for mining industry, both as part of our own projects, and in partnership with the world leaders. For instance, we’re working with Wenco. Omnicomm LLS digital fuel level sensors are at the core of Wenco’s Dynamic Fuel Dispatch system. It is a complete solution designed specifically for mining. Omnicomm’s sensors allow the system to efficiently managefuel scheduling, fuel delivery and current fuel tank levels. This brings optimization of fuel expenses up to 50 % a month.

OMNiCOMM: Improve Your Fleet Management System by Fuel Monitoring

Newton Mthethwa: What is special about Omnicomm fuel monitoring solution?

Stanislav Maksimov: There are currently several ways to monitor fuel consumption, but most of them have drawbacks. For instance, a standard floater does not have high level of accuracy, while CAN-bus has the so-called “dead zone”, in which inaccuracy can reach even 100 liters. In most cases consumption rates are usually really inflated as they do not consider vehicle load, driving style as well as road quality.The level of accuracy of Omnicomm fuel sensor constitutes 99,2%. It is reached via the quality of components plus the company’s proprietary technology. And there is an opportunity to supplement existing systems. We are open to cooperation.

Newton Mthethwa: What about your complete fleet management solution?

Stanislav Maksimov:Let me say a few words about our completesolution. Omnicomm Fleet Management System is composed of a sensor which measures fuel level, a terminal/ controller which receives the signal from the sensor иcollects data about various parameters if vehicle performanceand then sends it to the receiver, and software which shows the end user/ Omnicomm partner, the exact picture of current fleet usage. The system offers a wide range of benefits allowing the owners of the fleet to make optimal decisions about it, having total control of the fleet – the accurate location of the vehicle, speed, stops, the ability to track refueling and draining of fuel. The system guarantees return on investment (ROI) within 2-3 months.It is web based that can be easily integrated with other devices such as the communication devices. It sends SMS to fleet owners at intervals that suits the end-user’s specifications, for instance, the driver’s behavior such as over-speeding, harsh breaking, unnecessary stops, route diversion.

Newton Mthethwa: In which conditions can your fuel control solutions perform?

Stanislav Maksimov: The conditions in which our equipment works are indeednot simple. Our main competitive advantage is high accuracy of fuel level measurements and reliability of equipment.Omnicomm LLS fuel sensors function in a wide temperature range, from -40 up to +80 degrees. For example, in Siberia our equipment is installed in Norilsk Nickel fleet. Over 2,000 various transportation units were fully fitted with Omnicomm fleet management system. Norilskis known for its harsh northern climate with temperatures dropping below -40 degrees in winter. Inthissevere weatherourequipmentcontinuestowork. AnothercasewaswithKamazMaster (the twelve-fold winner of Dakar), when Omnicomm LLS fuel level sensors helped the famous racingteam win several times inextremely hot and humid weather of Latin America.

Newton Mthethwa: Stanislav, why has Omnicomm decided to come to Africa?

Stanislav Maksimov:Africa is the world’s treasury with developed mining sector. We’ve come to Africa with seriousintentions andfor long. We’ll work hereon behalf of our partner – Omnicomm Africa (http://omnicomm.co.za/). It is a local South African company. They will now act as our front office in this region.Omnicomm is glad to find a good reliable partner who will be able to service the clients here.

Newton Mthethwa: Paul, what was your goal at Electra Mining Africa?

Paul Nel: The exhibition is a great opportunity to meet with our partners and discuss the new projects.After many years of local development we eventually came across Omnicomm. Now Omnicomm Africa has already launched many activities in the region.There is a great interest here in precise fuel control and quality fleet management.

Newton Mthethwa: What do you think drives this interest the most?

Paul Nel: Prevention of fuel theft is the priority. This problemtops the list of critical issues for many companies who visited Omnicomm’s stand at Electra Mining 2014. Fuel fraud entail such activities as fuel drain and selling, using company fuel card to refuel another vehicle, various schemes involving the filling station operator, purchasing fake fuel receipts, hence fuel theft is booming in most industries. Fleet owners claim that they face fuel theft, which is 20 percent and more. Besides this problem, fleet optimization in general is crucial for companies owning numerous fleets. We had a lot of meetings whichgenerated over 120 leads (!). Hence, we believe that Electra Mining is a great platform which has brought in positive spin-offs which are translated in to orders; wenow have work up to the second quarter of 2015.

Omnicomm recently announced sale of its 500, 000 sensor, which ranked the company among global leaders in fuel telematics market.

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