January 20, 2018

LatAMin 2014 is the Global Platform for the Mining Industry

mini-LatAMin 2014
LatAMin 2014 is the Global Platform for the Mining Industry, providing the latest market scenarios of the South and Central American mining sector, and its related mineral processing and metallurgical subsectors.  The Summit brings together the region’s major and junior mining companies, government mining policy-makers, international fund managers and investors, traders, mining experts and service providers to discuss strategies to meet the long-term supply decline challenges, look for new capital injection, adjust to new mining policies especially with regime changes, and maximize profitability and productivity while transforming existing mining operations.

Currently, the region produces 45% of global copper production, 50% of silver, 26% of molybdenum, 21% of zinc and 20% of gold. Latin America is attracting 25% of global investments in mining and more.  With plenty of opportunities for doing business in the Latin America mining sector, investors from Asia, Europe, North America, the Middle East, Africa, Russia and Australia, have been rushing into the continent.  Latin America has also the potential as a mineral processing and metallurgical production base for the international markets.  Scrap metal trading is also taking off in this market.

LataMin 2014 will offer first-hand insights into the following industry relevant topics: “The Latest Mining Policies and Updates in Key Producing Countries Including Chile, Colombia, Brazil, Mexico, Peru, Argentina, Bolivia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Panama, Nicaragua, Guyana, Honduras, Uruguay, Paraguay and Guatemala”; “Achieving Mining Productivity and Cost Rationalization”; “Evaluating Low-Cost Exploration and Reinvestment Options”; “Attracting Finance, M&A, Hedge Funds and Private Equity”; “Dealing with Resource Nationalism”; “Mining Risk Mitigation”; and several others.

For registration and other event details, email Jose through jose@magenta-global.com.sg today.

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