December 15, 2017

Dando’s new products

Dando’s focus on innovative new designs over the last year is reaching fruition with a number of exciting new products coming to market.

The Dual Mast Terrier revealed at Geotechnica UK in July this year has been received with excitement throughout the geotechnical sector. Following a thorough test period the rig is now on a continuous build schedule. The first production model sold immediately and is currently on its way to Hawaii where it will be used for geotechnical work.

Incorporating both the percussive mast, capable of U4 sampling and SPT testing, and a rotary mast able to drill open hole or take cores to prove bedrock at depths up to 50m, this rig allows for a huge variety of drilling methods.

Cable percussion gets on track(s)

Dando have replaced their smallest cable percussion rig with the D1500 LHR. A dismantle able mast unit means the rig can be carried in to very tight spaces, and an adjustable mast allows the rig to be erected in spaces with height restrictions (2.2-3.2m.)

However, the Dando designers took the design a step further. Taking the small crawler unit from the Dando Terrier as a base, they produced a track mounted version of the D1500LHR that can be driven along narrow passages with the mast down and can even track in a straight line with the mast up to provide quick repositioning between holes.

The rotary mast of the Terrier also received treatment from the engineering design team and has been given an optional hydraulic mast-dump that facilitates angle drilling. This rig pictured below is destined for the Congo where it will be used for gold exploration with an accompanying tracked compressor unit for RAB drilling. The Angle Drilling Terrier is ideal for sloping formations or topography.

Sonic Rig commissioned in the USA

The first Dando SDC375 Sonic rig has recently been delivered to Enviroprobe, a geotechnical and environmental testing contractor in the USA. This rig is Dando’s entry in to the Sonic Drilling market and they have partnered with Canada based Sonic Drill Corporation to provide the best sonic heads in the industry. Unparalleled for speed and core recovery when drilling in tricky geologies, the SDC375 is sure to be a favourite with contractors.

In the pipeline

An ultra-lightweight 4000kgf pullback capacity rotary top drive track mounted rig. This modular rig is a feature packed top-drive rotary rig capable of drilling to 100m+ offered at an incredible price. This rig is also available as a dedicated water well rig (Watertec 4000) with an onboard mudpump or with a swing-in hammer attachment for site investigation work (Geotec 4000.)

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