December 15, 2017

Sudan announces a 64-tons increase in gold production

Sudan has Sunday this week announced a 64-tons increase in gold production this year down from 34 tons in 2013, which means important advance in exploitation of gold and minerals in the country.

Sudanese minister of Minerals, Ahmed Mohammed Sadiq al-Karuri confirmed the news and said added that the country had anticipated a higher gold production of 70 tons of gold by close of this year. according to him, the country’s traditional mining practices accounts for 93% of gold production.

Sudan’s gold production has, in terms of the country’s income, now replaced the country’s oil production, which until 2011 accounted for over 50% income, but since South Sudan pulled out, the outcome of revenue decreased due to the fact that they took with it most of the country’s oil reserves.

Ahmed Mohammed promised to issue licenses to traditional mines and also limit them to work in specific areas so as to keep them away from any kind of danger and prevent smuggling as well – which will be a regulation practice of traditional mining in the country. Other countries which have launched gold mining practices in the region includes Tanzania, which is also targeting to benefit from other minerals apart from gold by 2018. 

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