December 17, 2017

Voltage Monitoring Systems

Today’s utilities need to actively monitor and manage their voltage levels from the substation throughout the entire distribution network. As more resources of distributed generation are introduced from alternative energy sources such as solar and wind, they change the profile of how power is flowing through the grid, making intermediate voltage measurement on a feeder a requirement. In addition, by monitoring voltage, utilities can increase grid efficiency.

Other voltage measurement solutions such as line post sensors take several hours to be installed and often require more than one crew. Some sensors require batteries or solar panels, which add to high maintenance costs, and others have delicate optical cables that run down the utility pole to an additional box, requiring calibration, and are more likely to get damaged in installation or by environmental wear and tear.

High accuracy voltage, current and fault impedance measurements provide valuable real-time inputs to key planning models and control applications including supervisory control and data acquisitions systems, distribution management systems and volt/ VAR applications.

MIPAC‘s CellView ® system

MIPAC’s wireless cell voltage monitoring system- CellView® is an essential tool for refineries. It provides a key performance indicator for your entire operation and, by detecting short circuits and monitoring the overall health of a cell, it makes a refining or electrowining operation realise its full potential.

It improves productivity, reducing maintenance costs as well as simplifying operations. The efficient operation of an electrolytic reefing process depends on constant monitoring of critical parameters throughout the refining cycle.

Voltage Monitoring Relay

Eaton’s Voltage Monitoring Relays are solid-state protective relays that automatically operate when one or more phases of the three-phase supply is lost, or when the phase sequence is reversed. These relays monitor three-phase voltage and respond to abnormal or overcharge conditions, a pre-selected undervoltage threshold, and a pre-selected percent of phase imbalance to protect equipment against voltage fault conditions.


Adjustable time delay dropout on undervoltage eliminates nuisance tripping caused by momentary voltage fluctuations.

Voltage band provides protection to equipment required to operate within an upper and lower voltage limit, allowing the internal relay to stay energized.

Specific customizable time delay functions allows for worry-free reliability and ease of use.

Voltage Monitor Relays Overview

Voltage Monitor Relays monitor either AC single phase (50-60Hz) or DC voltages to protect equipment against voltage fault conditions. No separate supply (input) voltage is required on any Macromatic Voltage Monitor Relay. All versions are available in a compact plug-in case utilizing an 8 pin octal socket.

Macromatic offers two styles of Voltage Monitor Relays:

Overvoltage/Undervoltage Relays–provides protection to equipment where either an over voltage or under voltage condition is potentially damaging. When used as an under voltage relay, they provide protection to equipment that is required to operate above a minimum voltage. When used as an over voltage relay, they protect equipment against excessive voltage conditions. Over/Under Voltage Relays are designed to operate when the operating voltage reaches a preset value and drop-out when the operating voltage drops to a level below the preset value.

Voltage Band Relays–provides protection to equipment that is required to operate within an upper & lower voltage limit. As long as the operating voltage remains within an OVER & UNDER voltage range, the internal relay stays energized. If the operating voltage falls outside this range, the relay will drop-out.

Magnet thermal imaging

Magnet – specialists in the supply, implementation and support of electrical equipment, industrial instrumentation and automation – has introduced a thermal imaging service, designed to reduce plant breakdowns, minimise costly repairs, optimise the production process and improve safety in the workplace.

“Thermal imaging technology has become one of the most valuable diagnostic tools for industrial applications,” says Brian Bilton, Magnet’s training manager. “By detecting irregularities that are usually invisible to the naked eye, thermal imaging allows corrective action to be taken before costly system failures or fires occur.

“Magnet’s new thermal imaging service forms part of a condition monitoring programme to determine when and where maintenance is needed in electrical and mechanical installations and components. By using reliable, non invasive thermal imaging instruments, which are able to scan and visualise the temperature distribution of entire surfaces of machinery and electrical equipment quickly and accurately, preventive action is taken in the event of a fault. What’s important for production plants, is Magnet is able to perform inspections, even when systems are under load.

“This specialist service encompasses the provision of a full image of each situation and accurate temperature data during the monitoring of high voltage equipment, low voltage cabinets, motors, pumps and high temperature equipment, as well the detection of insulation losses.”

A small electrical problem can have far reaching consequences. As the efficiency of the electrical grid becomes low, more energy is used generating heat. If left unchecked, this heat can rise to the point where connections start to melt and this can result in a devastating fire.

Magnet is able to identify and locate a fault before costly problems occur and also advise exactly what needs to be fixed. This thermal imaging service – which extends from the examination of a fuse box, to the inspection of a large industrial installation – ensures cost savings, reduced downtime and improved safety standards.

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