December 15, 2017

Physical Perimeter Security Barriers

The first line of defense

Security is one of the major concerns for the mines- theft of mineral resources, copper cables, explosives, diesel and the prevention of illegal miners and criminal syndicates from entering mining premises.

Jewels, gems and precious metals have always tempted thieves and as prices rise year after year, gold, silver, platinum and diamonds have only become more alluring, especially to those in close contact with them. Labour unrest in some areas have led to the need for protecting assets as well as human personnel from potential dangers.

Physical perimeter security barriers are the first line of defense- these include traffic booms, automatic gates, turnstiles, road blockers, bollards, palisade fence, razor mesh, wall spikes, smart coil, titan coil, clearvu reinforced fence, etc, and they can be integrated with staff/ contractors identity management system, perimeter intrusion detection, CCTV surveillance and monitoring, vehicle license recognition, personnel body scanners, vehicle scanners, explosive detection as well as thermal imaging cameras.

Traditional installers promote and market products that they are familiar with- hence choosing and investing in the right solution is key. It is important that you match the product to the environmental demands of the mine, for instance choose the correct optics and lens solution, power reticulation because of industrial sites, adequate lighting and surge protection, and in addition choose between cables and wireless. After choosing the appropriate solution,it is also imperative that you protect your surveillance investment from theft, vandalism and day to day hazards that occur in a mining environment.

Latest trends

The growth of technology has improved the quality of physical perimeter security barriers for the mines- Axis Communications has developed systems that are able to withstand environmental conditions such as dust, heat and harsh elements associated with mining. For instance the new S-range of stainless steel PTZ domes made from marine grade stainless steel, have high resistance to corrosion and can withstand cleaning chemicals as well as high pressure steam.

In addition, Axis Communications’ thermal range enables one to detect intruders through smoke, haze and complete darkness. They are also used for perimeter and area protection, such as thermal fences, providing discreet and cost effective detection.

Axis Communications

Axis Communications is a market leader in network video, and a driving force behind the shift from analog to digital video surveillance, which paves the way for a more secure, smarter and safer world. The company offers network video solutions for professional installations featuring products and solutions that are based on innovative and open technical platforms.

Axis offers a broad portfolio of products, as well as those that are tailor-made for mining including critical infrastructure. These cameras carry an IP66 rating- meaning that they offer protection against dust, rain, snow and sun. They can also operate in temperatures as low as -40 degrees Celsius (-40oF), as well as having the capacity of recording highly detailed video scenes with HDTV image quality for future analysis.

In addition, Axis products support ONVIF which is a plug-and-play standard for building IP video systems with products from multiple vendors. They are able to integrate with other physical security barriers using the input and output functions on each device.

Future Trends

There is a need to move away from the traditional camera operator and towards incorporating analytics into a smarter surveillance system. These analytics include intelligent capabilities such as enhanced video motion detection, audio detection and detection of camera tampering attempts such as blocking and spray-painting. They are well suited for physical perimeter security as well as mining environments.

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