December 15, 2017

Temperature and power generation in mines

Why sink your cash for a generator or temperature solution which is going to be used for a few months while you can rent for a few bucks? There are instances when that equipment is needed only for a shorter duration. Shutdowns, turnarounds, camp power, planned maintenance and emergency response may require temporary power and temperature solutions.

Rental power solutions in the mining sector allows the mining companies to access long and short term power solutions for their operations over the long and short term. By having rental sets on site, Mines have flexibility to generate power when they need it. Rental Generators give the mines peace of mind when it comes to the running costs, maintenance and back up facilities of the Generating Sets. The mining houses do not have to provide service technicians and operators as the Rental companies cover the entire spectrum of the operations of their generating sets.

Mines are becoming more dependent on additional power generation due to the fact that the electricity utility cannot guarantee them power both during normal operating hours and especially under peak demand time slots. This means that the mines lose productivity. Most mines strive to produce 24/7. Having the mines stand for any length of time has huge cost implications in both labour and productivity.

Companies have also realized that investing in expensive power generation machinery also requires employing additional, qualified and experienced technicians. This adds to the ever increasing cost of production. Companies are now using more rental generators as an all-inclusive package as it takes the administration out of having power generation on site. They can also then enforce penalty clauses due to loss of production.

“We have seen a shift towards renting generators due to the high initial outlay and then the constant management and maintenance of their onsite generating sets”, Said Michael Muller from MJA.

Considerations of the rentals supplier

The 2008 energy crisis in South Africa had left many companies coming from nowhere jump on the band wagon and become generator rental companies. They used badly made and unreliable machinery which cost them heavily but some of them shut down. When choosing the rental company to rent from, you must be careful so that you may not fall in the hands of those few whom though their service is poor they did not shut down. The first thing when considering a rental company, find out if the company has reputable experience in the industry.

“Having been in the industry for 28 years, we have seen many companies come and go. You need to have a reliable company that can provide you the service that your company demands. Another important selection of service provider is the machinery that they use. We use top of the range French manufactured generators across the board. They are expensive but we cannot afford to have breakdowns constantly, so we use the best” Said Michael Muller

24/7 Service and Back Up facilities are also crucial when looking at a rental company. It is no use having a generator go down on a Friday and you cannot get it running until Monday morning. A Rental company’s foot print is extremely important. You need to be able to deliver and service you clients needs wherever they may be.

Tormin minerals sands mine project

Tormin has recently rent power solution from Barloworld power, which enables the project to cut capital cost for both the development and operation. Tormin needed prime power, both during the development phase of the mine and for various aspects of mining activities, at the lowest possible initial cost.

Tormin is one of two major mineral sands mine projects developed in South Africa by MRC, which is listed on the Australian stock exchange. Following a nine month construction phase, the mine was commissioned in December 2013.

Generator and plant hire SA

Generator and Plant Hire SA has been in the power generation industry for 28 years and are leaders in the industry. They have branches spread throughout South Africa and have service and maintenance Cells in many remote areas. Their motto is “Power,Whenever, Wherever” and it is something theystrongly believe in. They offer 24/7 Generator delivery, installations, maintenance and breakdown services so that their clients always have peace of mind. There is no job too big or too small for their company and that is why they have grown into the company they currently are.

Rental power solutions extend far beyond the bright media lights, into applications such as utility grid support, replacement power during scheduled or unscheduled outages at industrial, utilities, mines and commercial facilities, on-site power supply at construction sites, and insurance power for clients concerned about high electricity prices.

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