December 17, 2017

Tire Management Solutions

Making Mines Safer and More Productive

Striving for the highest levels of productivity, surface mines place demands on truck tires- hence a number of new technologies have been developed in order to allow mine operators to get optimum tire performance, and these include Bridgestone’s B-tag (Bridgestone Intelligent Tag), Michelin Earthmover Management Systems (MEMS), Valo System,

RIMEX’s TyreSense Magmount sensor,Translogik’s iTrack Off-the-Road (OTR) Tyre Pressure Monitoring System, Kal Tire Monitoring Group’s True Tire Technology (TTT), and many others.

Tyres can be damaged as a result of underinflating, overinflating, overloading, excessive speed, harsh braking and severe impacts, therefore tyre monitoring systems will make mines safer and more productive while reducing operational costs.

Despite the fact that tyres are very expensive commodities, they can also be extremely dangerous if not monitored correctly, there have been many documented instances of deaths caused by an exploding tyre, one of the causes of this is a chemical reaction called Pyrolysis thought to happen when a vehicle has been struck by lightning or high voltage surge, this in turn may cause a fire to ignite inside the tyre chamber and ultimately lead to the tyre exploding and resulting in severe injury or fatality, explains Laren Yeomans, CEO for Translogik.

Translogik’s iTrack Off-the-Road (OTR) Tyre Pressure Monitoring System

Translogik is a totally independent company providing a truly unbiased data regardless of tyre make. The company can work with any tyre manufacturer as it provides tyre management solutions- such as tire inspection, tire temperature and pressure monitoring using its OTR iTrack tyre monitoring system.

iTrack OTR tyre pressure monitoring system was developed by Translogik specifically for the mining industry, as compared to the other systems that were initially developed for commercial vehicles, and then later retrofitted and adjusted to suit the needs for the mining industry, explains Allister Thurman, Regional Manager for Translogik.

Monitoring tire pressure and temperature is very critical especially in mine operations, since the haul trucks run for extended periods of time and manual measurement often results in extended downtime. Most of these latest technologies do monitor tire pressure and temperature, however the iTrack OTR tyre pressure monitoring system adds a different dimension from the rest, by providing fast, accurate, reliable real-time data on the condition of vehicle tyres, combined with live tracking of vehicle location and status, states Yeomans.

The availability of live, real-time internet based tyre and vehicle data allows swift remedial action to be taken, which can be the difference between safe mine operation and a major incident. By ensuring the vehicle’s tyres are operating within the recommended temperature and pressure limits, iTrack brings increased levels of safety to both the vehicle drivers and the technicians that work on them. From a commercial perspective, by ensuring that tyres are correctly inflated, tyre life is extended and costly down-time from repairs and intervention is reduced, improving productivity, says Yeomans.

Key Features

Features such as geo-fencing, real-time email and phone alerts via Wi-Fi or GSM and push-data services make iTrack an extremely powerful and versatile system- specifically designed to withstand the harsh and demanding environments of the mining, earth moving and construction industries.

Additional features includes geo-fencing. A geo-fencing is a predetermined area or boundary that is set for a particular vehicle fitted with iTrack. If the vehicle crosses that virtual boundary or geo-fencing area, then the tracking software can alert you. The system allows for multiple concurrent geo-fence zones to be defined to ensure that vehicles are only operating in approved areas, further increasing the safety of the mine.

Key Benefits

Benefits entail improved driver and technician safety, reduced tyre maintenance costs, and reduced vehicle down-time, increased productivity, as well as gaining insights from a range of data reports (pdf & xls). In addition, extending tyre life by up to 25 percent as well as improving fuel efficiency by up to 8 percent, assuming that the tire pressure and temperature is correct. Savings of this magnitude provide a rapid return on investment with the iTrack system paying for itself in as little as 6 months, adds Yeomans

Additional benefits includes the ability of the iTrack to provide data both live and historical which can allow the client to identify uneven load distribution based on tyre temperatures, as well as offering a data analyst service as part of the solution, which includes reporting potential defects that may result in vehicle failure and potential workforce hazards.

Translogik systems are focused on maximising tyre life/ usage and encouraging safe working practices. We continue to listen to customer feedback which in turn will lead to continuous development programme for iTrack solution as new/ improved technologies become available, adds Yeomans.

Magfix System – a new kid on the block

The new system allows tyre sensors to be easily and reliable attached inside the wheel assembly magnetically.

RIMEX – The TyreSenseMagmount sensor

From passenger cars to heavy haulers, tire monitoring is becoming a standard feature in vehicles of all applications. The integration of tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) into today’s vehicles improves safety and fuel efficiency, leading to increased tire life and reducing environmental impact. Yet as the systems become standard,it becomes apparent that not all TPMS are created equal.

Designing a suitable system for the mining industry emphasizes the scale and complexity of industry requirements. Mining operations present particular challenges not seen in other industries: the size of vehicle tires, complexity of site operations and major expense of vehicle downtime highlight the priority of producing a specialized TPMS as well as the difficulty faced in creating one.

It was with these challenges and unique requirements in mind that RIMEX designed TyreSense. The system is the result of RIMEX’s extensive experience in the mining industry and continuous feedback from the clients that employ the system. As the company continues to deliverunmatched performancein the field and continuously improve upon the system, RIMEX is becoming established as a pioneer in the tire monitoring industry.

TyreSense is capable of taking on mining operations of all sizes, easily adapting to the scaleof tire management you require. The range of comprehensive tools and features make it easy to manage every aspect of tire monitoring across your entire site, from third-party fleet management integration and Bluetooth compatibility to advanced event monitoring capabilities and colour-coded operator alerts.

With 40 years’ experience working with major mining operations, RIMEX understands and anticipates the unique needs of your mining operation. RIMEX’s industry-leading developments reflect an in-depth knowledge of the mining world, and strive to maintain commitment to providing the highest-quality products and features. One of the ways RIMEX continues to do this is through extensive research and frequent improvements to the existing sensor designs, including the release ofMagmount design.

Unlike external mounting options that provide only pressure readings andmay be prone to theft or breakage, the company’s internal design offerstemperature monitoring capabilities, safety from damage or theft, and will provide years of reliable service. The unique magnetic mount design eliminates the need to modify the tire surface in any way, reducing vehicle downtime and installing in seconds. Our internal sensors are made to withstand liquid additives and rust inhibitors as well as extreme temperature and pressure conditions. Temperature monitoring capabilities also ensures your vehicles maintain safe temperature levels during long hauls and extended use.

The TyreSense Magmount sensor design is just one more way RIMEX is leading the tire monitoring industry. RIMEX knows that its TPMS will provide unparalleled benefits for your entire operation.

Most of these systems will give every operator a piece mind- by improving vehicle safety and fuel economy, enhancing vehicle’s performance as well as extending the life of the tyres- it is also critical that you choose a system that is reliable and offering not just data but live data which allows swift remedial action- which can be the difference life and death.

Kal Tire expands its Tire Monitoring Technology

Kal Tire is Canada’s largest independent tire dealer and North America’s largest commercial tire dealer. Kal Tire Mining Tire Group is a global leader in mining tire service and supply, operating on more than 150 mine sites in 17 countries across five continents.

Karl Tire owns and operates 10 truck tire retread facilities plus any additional four earthmover retreading facilities located in Canada, the United Kingdom and Ghana, West Africa.

True Tire Technology (TTT)

Kal Tire Mining Tire Group re-launching TTT—the True Tire Technology system that will considerably improve how mine sites monitor tire temperature and pressure in order to increase safety, tire life, fuel efficiency and mine productivity.

It is a well-known fact that tires are one of the top three operating expenses of a mine site. When they are running at optimal pressure—only then will a mine site experience maximum value when it comes to savings and productivity related to this expense.

In order to achieve this, a tire temperature and pressure monitoring system is required that is well-designed, all aspects of it works in all environments, and has web-enabled management and reporting capability.

“After consulting with dozens of mine leaders around the world, we did a complete overhaul on TTT’s technology to better meet the needs of today’s mines with several innovative and unique new features,” says Mike Batka, vice president technology, products and services, Kal Tire Mining Tire Group. “We wanted to give our customers the most functional, user-friendly tire monitoring system that will help make mines safer and more profitable. A lot of time and expertise was invested in redesigning most of its features; from how it operates to its web-based monitoring and reporting capabilities.”

Highlights of Kal Tire’s new TTT:

  • Seven configurations with the option to use WiFi, 3G or a radio frequency network
  • Real-time monitoring with automatic refreshes every 30 seconds
  • Highly accurate, waterproof sensors built to handle hot and humid conditions
  • In-cab tablet display for vehicle operators with GPS and data storage capabilities
  • Internet accessible, user-friendly dashboard providing one-click access to full fleet reporting
  • Online pre-configured reports to provide transparency and consistency.

Unlike any other tire pressure monitoring system for earthmovers, the new TTT offers real-time monitoring in radio frequency. In fact, the new TTT is available in seven different configurations to offer a communication channel—900Mhz standalone mesh network, 3G/GPRS cellular network and 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi—that’s works for any mine site, whether it’s underground or in a harsh, remote location.

Kal Tire’s TTT vehicle kit has also been upgraded so data is visible to operators on an optional in-cab display—providing an extra layer of safety for the operator as well as people around the vehicle. “Driver awareness and safety is crucial,” says Batka. “We wanted to provide operators with a design that would allow them to see what’s happening and react.”

TTT constantly monitors the pressure and temperature of mining tires using its unique sensor patch mounted inside the tire. The sensor is sealed in a golf ball-like cavity of polyurethane, making it accurate and waterproof in tires with liquid additives as well as durable enough for hot and humid temperatures. An antenna sensor mounted under the truck sends data as well as alerts. Managers have easy access to monthly reports and tire technicians receive instant, paperless tire maintenance work orders.

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