January 24, 2018

On–board weighing systems

Onboard weighing systems 

Efficient production quantification

Ivan van Heerden, Managing Director of Dynamic Weighing Systems, African Agents for the VEI Group, highlights the efficacy of on-board weighing systems in measuring the tonnage of mined ore actually hauled through accurate cost per ton analysis

It seems odd that mines are still quantifying production the ‘old school’ way, by using survey results, despite the availability of modern on-board weighing systems that can make their work easier.

This surprises Ivan van Heerden, Managing Director of Dynamic Weighing Systems, one of the leading suppliers of on-board weighing systems to African mines.

He says: “Using survey results has limitations in certain respects as differing densities of materials within the area, voids and other anomalies will affect the actual tonnages present.

“On the other hand, on-board weighing systems allow for accurate cost per ton analysis as they measure the tonnage of material actually moved. Accurate, reliable systems also benefit haul and dump operations in that they can quantify materials moved versus a survey estimate.”

Dynamic Weighing Systems has on-board weighing systems for Rigid Dumpers, ADT’s, FEL’s and Excavators. In addition to monitoring payloads, the systems aid in preventing overloads of Mobile Mining equipment contributing to significant savings in maintenance and tyres.

This also plays an important role in safety. Many a fire or accident on mobile equipment has been caused by overloading and subsequent braking system failures or tyre fires.

 Mining niche

To date, the Dynamic Weighing Systems’ products have been supplied to mines in South Africa and other Sub Saharan countries.

“We have been on CAT units at Sishen for Aveng Moolmans, Belaz trucks at Kalagadi Manganese Resources, Volvo ADT’s at Sedibeng Iron ore and are currently involved with trials at First Quantum Minerals’ mine at Kansanshi. There are also systems in Lesotho, Swaziland, Malawi and Mozambique. Thus far, feedback has been very positive. The units are reliable, accurate and most importantly, when an issue has arisen it has been dealt with swiftly and efficiently,” says van Heerden.

Dynamic Weighing Systems offer a full 3 year warranty for its products which van Heerden describes as “the best in the industry”.


Latest innovations and upgrades

van Heerden reveals that Dynamic Weighing Systems has released the most advanced, user friendly product on the market, after years of extensive Research and Development by the VEI Group in many different applications and climate types.

“It is unique in that one head unit can handle all the different types of applications (except Excavators) so spares stocks are simplified. We also have a built in USB slot that allows for all settings to be backed up.

“Thus, if a head unit fails it is a quick process to swap it out and restore the previous calibrations and settings. This minimises down time, an important consideration,” he explains.

The systems can also be calibrated in field by the foreman or supervisor, thus saving the client expensive call out costs and enabling them to maintain the calibration as needed.

Moreover, the USB slot allows for the upgrade the software from the basic Millennium 5 to the more advanced Helper X without having to replace the head unit. Hence, as a customer’s needs evolve, so can the system.

Meanwhile, the company is finalising ISO 9001 certification for the factory in Italy and is also finishing up with the transition of the excavator software onto the Helper X head unit so all applications will be covered by a single system.

van Heerden believes Dynamic Weighing Systems’ products will continue to be relevant in the industry. “VEI will continue to lead the field as we have done since the first wheel loader system was developed in 1986.”




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