January 24, 2018

Readily available replacement wear parts for fixed and mobile crushers – Anywhere and on-time


Caldas Aerial cropped

Image: Aerial view of Caldas Engineering- suppliers of re-engineered wear parts for fixed and mobile crushers.



By Newton Mthethwa

With the price of commodities such as coal, copper, platinum and gold on a downward trend, there have been widespread reductions across the mining exploration and production activities as well as operating and capital costs. This has led to mining houses and aggregate producers to be on the look-out for suppliers of replacement parts and consumables for both the fixed and mobile crushers, that will ensure minimized non-productive overheads resulting in more cost-effective operating costs, explains Rui Caldas, CEO for Caldas Engineering & Manufacturing Services.

Due to the challenges facing mining and aggregate producers in today’s competitive market, the company understands the importance of maintaining full capacity production by crushing plant operations as well as providing quality wear parts, keeping high levels of stock in various distribution nodes across the continent at short notice availability, adds Rui Caldas.

Caldas Engineering with more than 30 years’ experience, supplies re-engineered wear parts for fixed and mobile crushers, including superior alloyed crusher spares for the mining, construction, demolition and recycling industries.

The comprehensive range of replacements parts sourced from various parts of the world to Caldas Engineering specifications, are manufactured to strict standards using high quality materials, combining extended operating lifespan with lower overall operating costs to achieve the same or better performance than the OEM parts.

Caldas Engineering together with their partner Mhanghela Crusher Solutions, who specializes on insitu and off site crusher inspection and repairs, offer a comprehensive range of premium replacement wear parts for leading brands of Jaw Crushers, Cone Crushers, Impact Crushers, and milling equipment and have become an ideal partner in ensuring that the client’s operations run efficiently while reducing downtime due to component replacement or failure.

The company continuously explores different metals and alloy components in order to improve its products that better suit the client’s needs. “We understand that your bottom line depends on maximum uptime at acceptable operating costs”, states Rui Caldas.

In addition, the company consist of highly managed distribution network in Johannesburg, KwaZulu-Natal, Kimberly as well as the newly opened office in Zambia to ensure that whatever clients need, Caldas Engineering can supply anywhere and on time.

Most crusher operations do not prefer to hold their own stock, however they want to deal with suppliers who can supply immediately as compared to those who supply on demand- and this has become our strongest point, explains Rui Caldas.

Why Caldas Engineering?

  • Lower Costs & Higher Performance
  • Ex- Stock Availability = Lower Downtime
  • Expert Advice

As the company continues its foray into Africa- the purchase of its 35% share by well-known South African business person, Kuseni Dlamini in the past year, is seen as the vehicle of penetrating the African market through his vast experience that he brings along from his involvement within the region, concludes Rui Caldas.



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