January 20, 2018

Breathe easy with the revolutionary new respirator from North

CleanSpace2_complete CleanSpace2_consol 

The lightweight and highly-portable CleanSpace2 is world’s smallest powered air purifying respirator, which is designed to provide the breath of life to users in a wide variety of applications – ranging from home DIY projects to heavy industrial projects. It was exclusively launched at the Electra Mining Show in September 2014 by North Safety Products Africa. 

The compact unit weighs less than 500 g, and combines the mobility of a passive inhalator with the added reliability of a positive air powered respirator. North marketing manager Lizette Kasselman notes that the CleanSpace2 features no hoses or auxiliary units to provide comfortable respiratory protection.

“The one-piece unit incorporates a soft silicone mask and cushioned power unit that fits around the back of the neck. This ensures that the user is screened from hazardous particle matter, including gases and vapours of 0.3 micron (μm) and above. To prevent contamination, the breath-responsive respirator intelligently adjusts airflow, thereby maintaining positive pressure inside the mask,” she explains.

This also serves to maximise filter life by only purifying air that the user breathes in. The CleanSapce2 is compatible with welding and safety helmets, goggles and spectacles, face shields, and hearing protection, and can support work in the harshest conditions with a continuous running time of six hours.

Kasselman reveals that this can be increased to 11 hours with the CleanSpace2 Endurance Pack. “These features make the CleanSpace2 ideally-suited to a broad range of applications, such as DIY, as well as more heavy industries, including; mining, smelting, construction and agriculture, to name a few.”

Even with intensive use, proper maintenance will ensure a long operational lifespan of the respirator. “Care is made easy with an improved filter cover for quick and intuitive replacements, and the mask can be washed in warm soapy water or on the top shelf of a dishwasher,” observes Kasselman.

In terms of mechanical maintenance, the CleanSpace2 should operate service-free for up to three years with a battery life of 500 cycles (or three years), and a motor life of ten years. Kasselman indicates that the CleanSpace2 delivers significant benefits, while remaining cost-effective and user-friendly.

“The CleanSpace2 respirator boasts simple operating modes that minimise the time required for training, handling and cleaning. As the sole Southern African distributor, North is proud to offer this revolutionary respirator to customers seeking an exceptional air purifying solution,” she concludes.CleanSpace2_Rear viewCleanspace2_Front view




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