January 17, 2018

Atlas Copco Hydraulic Breakers hammers lighter applications!

Atlas Copco Construction Technique’s EC and ES rig-mounted hydraulic breakers are durable, reliable and efficient workhorses specifically designed and engineered for lighter applications and day-to-day tasks.

“Our premium range of SB, MB and HB hydraulic breakers are well-known and respected by mining and industry for their reliable performance, working uninterruptedly for long hours in punishing applications and under extreme conditions,” says Neville Stewart, Business Line Manager Construction Tools Division, Atlas Copco.

“End-users who do not have a need for hammers 24/7 will find it difficult to get a return on investment on our premium range which has been engineered to deliver high productivity and improved efficiencies over extended working hours,” notes Stewart. “So we saw a definite need in the market for a hammer that is suitable for light applications such as construction, demolition, trenching, quarrying, earthworks, renovating, gardening or landscaping that do not require continuous or full time use.”

While the EC and ES hammers offer the same unparalleled reliability customers have come to expect from Atlas Copco’s premium range, they incorporate fewer features. Stewart says that the subsequent reduction in the number of working parts leads to lower maintenance and service costs. “The hammers’ good price-performance ratio results in a better return on investment for the end-user.”

 The integrated nitrogen piston accumulator, a feature on both the EC and ES ranges, allows for work at a constantly high impact energy, safe start-up and low vibration for smooth operation. The four different working tool options available for the EC and ES hammers ensure optimum versatility in the breaking of a wide variety of materials ranging from sedimentary, soft-medium hard, medium hard and igneous metamorphic rock, non-reinforced and reinforced concrete, asphalt and frozen ground.

The Atlas Copco EC hydraulic breakers are available in three ranges: The small EC 40T – 80T range is ideal for construction, renovating, gardening or landscaping; the EC100T – 135T range for medium to heavy day-to-day breaking tasks typically found in demolition, trenching, quarrying and earthworks applications and the T140T – 155T range for heavier applications. The complete EC range boasts a number of features that offer end users the benefits of low operational costs and operator safety and comfort:

Advanced control technology: Integrated control valve optimises efficiency. EnergyRecovery system increases operating efficiency

  • Monoblock design: A combined cylinder and tool holder section eliminates the need for tie rods and improves reliability.
  • VibroSilenced Plus: Non-metallic suspension arrangement isolates percussion mechanism from breaker box and seals all openings for lower noise and vibration levels for increased operator comfort. The heavy range T155 boasts a noise level of only 122 dB(A).

The EC medium range also features a built in check valve that reduces dust intake into the tool guiding area and percussion chamber and an optional self-bleeding automatic lubrication device for optimised grease consumption and continuous lubrication that leads to improved uptime.

The simple, slim and compact design of the ES Hydraulic Breaker range (ES60, 70 and 80) speeds up day-to-day production by providing easy handling, good visibility and higher manoeuvrability. A solid block of special casted material eliminates the need for a separate guiding system as well as tie rods or stud bolts, thus reducing total number of parts compared to conventional hydraulic breakers.

The removable piston liner increases serviceability and maintenance is made easy by a central lubrication point and full length floating bushing. In addition, a quick exchange of tools ensures less downtime and thus faster production.

Stewart points out that due to their ease of operation, experienced operators do not need training on the EC and ES hammers but he adds that training is available from Atlas Copco on request.

Atlas Copco’s EC and ES rig-mounted hydraulic breakers deliver on reliability, technical innovation, versatility and ease of use. “The resultant low maintenance and operational costs, increased productivity and higher profitability render these hammers ideal for a wide range of lighter applications, taking Africa’s tough conditions in their stride,” concludes Stewart.

The EC and ES ranges are available and well-supported through Atlas Copco’s countrywide dealer network.

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