January 20, 2018

Vert Energy extends its range of electric power generation components

Vert Energy has extended its range of electric power generation (EPG) components to meet growing demand from generator set builders and electro-mechanical power transmission industries.

“Increasing energy requirements have placed power utilities under enormous pressure throughout the African continent, which is why companies are investing in alternative sources of electricity production,” says Vert Energy’s managing director, Grant Robertson. “Vert Energy has established turnkey solutions partnerships in diverse sectors, including mining, shipping, agriculture, general engineering, shipping, the railways, gas and petrochemicals.

“Through an extensive range of quality branded EPG products and a highly skilled team of technical experts, the company plays a major role in providing dependable power to companies, even in Africa’s most remote regions.

“As part of our commitment to the genset manufacturing sector, for the swift supply of reliable components, Vert Energy has made a substantial investment in sourcing the finest components that produce electric energy from mechanical energy and which withstand harsh operating conditions.

“The company has been appointed exclusive distributors in sub-Saharan Africa for leading power generation brands, complemented by genuine spare parts and accessories. EPG components include Leroy Somer alternators, DEIF generator controls and Covrad heat exchangers.

“A critical part of our service is the availability throughout Africa of factory and OEM trained technicians who cope efficiently with any electro-mechanical breakdown situation or routine preventative maintenance procedures.”

Leroy Somer, the largest producer of alternators for gensets globally, provides clean energy solutions. LS alternators, with ratings in excess of 20 000 kW, are suitable for all drive systems – whether for supplying electrical power on board a ship, electricity to deprived regions, or for preventing interruptions in the mains supply.

LS alternators, which are known for ease of integration and enhanced energy savings, are also recognised for high performance and reliability in demanding applications and harsh environments.

The modular design of these alternators means that the basic universal unit can be adapted to suit any make of prime mover.

The LS industrial range of low and medium voltage alternators (50 and 60 Hz, 4 and 6 pole, from 10 kW to 3 900 kW) are designed for gensets driven by diesel or gas engines.

The AREP excitation system is a brushless, self-excited system known for its efficient performance and enhanced safety. It enables a short circuit current of about three times the rated current to be maintained for 10 seconds. This means that a circuit breaker can be tripped if there is a fault, without disturbing other loads supplied by the alternator.

Customised high, medium and low voltage LS alternators (50 or 60 Hz, 4 – 24 pole, from 500 kW to 25 000 kW) are driven by diesel or gas engines, or by gas, steam, wind or hydro turbines.

Also in the LS range are alternators designed for specialised applications, for example, in agriculture. The robust Tractelec is a generator driven by a tractor’s power take-off shaft, providing an alternative source of energy production. This 3-phase Partner alternator, which operates efficiently in demanding farming environments, is coupled to a gearbox with oil cooled lubrication and an electrical protection and distribution box.

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