January 20, 2018

Distributor for Dromex Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) in Southern Africa appointed

Magnet has been appointed distributors throughout Southern Africa for Dromex personal protection equipment (PPE).

“We have recognised an urgent need in industry for increased safety for workers and made a strategic decision to further extend Magnet’s product offering. This protection equipment complements Magnet’s portfolio of electrical equipment, industrial instrumentation and automation systems, to ensure optimum protection for workers in all fields,” says Brian Howarth, managing director, Magnet. “The extensive range of Dromex safety gear is designed to protect employees from harmful hazards and dangerous conditions in the workplace.”

The Dromex range, now available from Magnet, encompasses respiratory masks and cartridges, eye protection spectacles and goggles, ear plugs and ear muffs, gloves for hand protection and shoes or boots in the footwear range. Also available are lightweight flame retardant and acid resistant body protection garments.

Key products for Magnet include DW-NOMEX® flame retardant suits and SABS D59 flame and acid suits, which are resistant to abrasion, tear and chemicals. This durable work wear, consisting of jackets, pants and overalls, meets stringent local and international safety specifications, including the SANS 434 standard for mark bearing work suits.

Dromex footwear is certified to ISO 20345:2011 standards for safety footwear. An easy to follow selection chart contains relevant information on classifications, categories and performance requirements, to ensure selection of the correct shoe or boot for the intended operation and potential hazards.

DroVision goggles have a clear polycarbonate mono, scratch resistant lens and an elasticated and adjustable headband for optimum protection and maximum comfort. These goggles, which offer 120° lateral vision, are compatible with other respiratory equipment.

Magnet’s PPE offers workers protection in diverse sectors, including mining and quarrying, construction and civil engineering, chemical plants, electrical installations, fire defence and shipping.

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