January 17, 2018

Botswana Labour Relations and Local Empowerment 2015

Botswana Labour Relations and Local Empowerment 2015

Dates:  31 August & 1 September
Location and Venue: The Grand Palm Hotel Resort, Gaborone

It is essential that employers operating in Botswana understand the ethical and legal balance in the relations between employer and employee regarding locals or foreign nationals. This Botswana Labour Relations and Local Empowerment 2015 market briefing, will be led by a partner from a leading consultancy firm in Gaborone, and provides a clear introduction and critical insight into the disciplinary procedures within Botswana as well as insight into the Citizen Economic Empowerment Policy in Botswana.   It provides a clear overview of the organizational framework for best practice procedures in disciplinary procedures, so that all your supervisor and departmental managers are aware of what is expected of them regarding running a disciplinary process from start to finish. If you are considering establishing operations in Botswana, or are responsible for employees based there, this expert-led Market briefing will give you the essential knowledge required.

Along the disciplinary codes organizations will also get insight into the citizen economic empowerment policy to ensure that your organizations is maximizing its opportunities.

Highlights include: Creating a harmonious environment for investment and industrial relations– introducing the new complementary laws time frames – Employment Act, Trade Disputes Act, Workers’ Compensation Act and Trade Unions and Employers’ Organisations Act

  • Modelling best practice procedures in disciplinary procedures in Botswana
  • Key Insights into running disciplinary hearings
  • Leading ADR Methodologies, Performance Assessment and Training
  • Termination Decisions and Meetings:Essential Insight
  • Strike avoidance– How to develop an effective strike avoidance strategy
  • A strategic approach to collective bargaining, labour relations and negotiationsin Botswana
  • Citizen economic empowermentand benchmarking your localization strategy

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