January 17, 2018

Mozambique Labour Relations, Local Content and Workforce Planning 2015


Mozambique Labour Relations, Local Content and Workforce Planning 2015

Dates:25 & 26 August 2015
Location and Venue:Radisson Blu, Maputo

Some critical pieces of legislation have been passed and we are imminently expecting the release of the Local Content Law from Mozambique, it is essential that you understand the frameworks in which your company needs to comply whether through direct or indirect employment within the extractive sector or within the supplier community.  If you are operating in Mozambique you need to understand the legal framework with regard to employment, workforce plans, local content and labour law in Mozambique with regard to hiring nationals or foreign nationals. This Mozambique Labour Relations, Local Content and Workforce Planning 2015 Market Briefing, will provide a clear introduction and critical insight into local content, immigration and labour law developments in Mozambique. If you are considering establishing operations in Mozambique, or are responsible for employees based there, this expert-led market briefing will give you the essential knowledge required.

Key Insights for 2015:

Understand the legislative framework andlatest legal developments in workforce planning, local content in Mozambique

  • Labour Law and Trade Unions and the role of the Shop Steward/Employer Officials in the workplace
  • Labour Law and Regulation– Perspectives for Trade Unions, NOC’s, Employers Direct and Indirect and Stakeholders
  • Working through Decree Law No 2/2014 for Offshore Areas 1 & 4
  • The employment legal regime in Mozambique and the quota or ratio systemand short term work regime

The general framework for thelocal content policy with critical insights into direct and indirect employment, local content and workforce plan negotiations and submissions

Termination, Collective Bargaining and Occupational Health and Safety

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