January 17, 2018

Vermeer introduces horizontal directional drilling equipment in Ghana

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Residents living along construction zones across the country will now enjoy some relief as equipment developed to limit the social and environmental impact of construction has been introduced in Ghana.

The equipment enables contractors to install cables and pipes underground without touching the surface of the earth while installing critical utility lines.

Vermeer, a world leading provider of agricultural and industrial equipment introduced the HDD equipment at a ceremony in Accra.

The Regional Sales Manager of Vermeer, Mr. Ruben de Meijer said in order to meet the needs of rapidly developing societies, contractors and municipalities around the world need equipment that complete work efficiently and productively.

He also pointed out that, in a more established areas, the demand for faster transfer of information is driving broadband and fiber installation, while a rapidly aging water infrastructure is receiving a falling grade and needs replacement.

He said it will be targeting the fiber optic industry such as telecommunication companies since they are mostly involved in the laying of underground cables and pipes.

According to him, using the HDD equipment for utility installation is more affordable considering the fact that the cost of cutting the surface of the ground plus the cost of restoring the surface after cutting is avoided.

Kwame Anani-Korba, Vermeer’s representative in Ghana, said that a lot of the restoration works that had taken place after trenching and the laying of fiber optic cables and pipelines in Accra had been poorly done and had led to the creation of gullies and potholes on the roads and pavements.

He therefore urged the contractors in Ghana to consider the use of HDD machines that will leave the surface of roads and pavements undisturbed, increase productivity and save cost.


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