October 19, 2017

Loesche Thermo-Prozess now comes with its own compact Monobloc burner


With this product series for outputs of 160 kW to 13 MW, LOESCHE Thermo-Prozess GmbH (LTP) has its own compact burner series for industrial applications. With an integrated combustion air fan and burner control

system, LTP thereby supplements its existing burner product range for the process and heavy industry sector with a practical, tested component.

The product series has been developed in cooperation with the well-known burner manufacturer CIB Unigas, headquartered in Italy. The aim of the collaboration was to be able to offer a product for use in thermal plants such as hot gas generators, boilers and process plants of any kind, within the LOESCHE Group and for our customers worldwide. The burners are always delivered fitted to a plant part and in the LOESCHE design as an LTP product.

Quality and availability for global use are features of our products, which is why the new burner series does not simply include a gas burner, but also burners for liquid fuels (light and heavy oils) and dual-fuel burners, which are equipped for both kinds of fuel per burner. Only the highest-quality components from European, predominantly German manufacturers, are used for the burner systems.

With the modular structure of the systems, an individual adjustment can be made with regard to the burner media, the fitting trains and the burners themselves depending on use and/or ambient conditions. In this way, the burners can be used for applications in the temperature range from -40 to +40 °C. This flexibility and the distinguished product features correspondingly attract great interest from end customers and plant manufacturers in the material, metal and process industry. This is why our new burner series, despite only recently being introduced on the market, is being used in the following LOESCHE clinker grinding plants, among others:

  • Citeureup P14 clinker, firing of a LOMA® hot gas generator with industrial diesel oil, which is operated on a LOESCHE clinker grinding plant; the country of installation is Indonesia.
  • Baturaja clinker, firing of a LOMA® hot gas generator with light oil, which is operated on a LOESCHE clinker grinding plant; the country of installation is Indonesia.
  • Xuan Thanh, firing of a LOMA® hot gas generator with industrial diesel oil, which is operated on a LOESCHE clinker grinding plant; the country of installation is Vietnam.

For LTP, service comes first

Comprehensive customer services with fast and personal support in the pre- and after-sales department are important for reliable operation. We have therefore expanded our range of services in parallel with the burner development. LTP engineers are thus available worldwide for commissioning, monitoring and optimisation tasks, for example in China, India, the Ukraine, Romania or Algeria. At the same time, we will also be supported by various partner companies and subsidiaries in South America, the Middle East, Asia, Russia, Australia as well as New Zealand and their engineers.

Cutting-edge technology – planned and implemented by LTP

The subject of measuring, open-loop and closed-loop control engineering as well as the communication of the components with such things as process control systems is becoming more and more important, as are increasing security requirements or local requirements. Our new burner series also takes these demands into consideration. We are carrying out the implementation of our control engineering and programming, the switching cabinet design and the assembly in collaboration with our sister company LOESCHE Automation LAG.

About LOESCHE ThermoProzess

LOESCHE ThermoProzess GmbH (LTP) has been an integral element of the LOESCHE Group since 2012. LTP now combines the traditional burner technology of the former Küppersbusch Wärmetechnik with the hot gas generator expertise of LOESCHE GmbH, thereby strengthening the market position of the LOESCHE Group. There are currently 41 employees working at the LTP site in Gelsenkirchen. LTP is also developing the market of industrial burners and process engineering outside of the LOESCHE Group.

LTP is more than just a supplier of industrial burners. Firing systems for solid, liquid and gaseous fuels, hot gas generators, ladle heaters and boiler heating with associated automation and service worldwide represent our scope of service.

A quality and environmental management system (ISO 9001 and ISO 14001) certified by TÜV Süd and being a ‘Certified Welding Company’ by SLV is a matter of course for LTP. Burners and burner systems as well as the complete engineering for burner controls and regulation systems are part of LTP’s product portfolio:


– Monobloc and Duobloc burners for hot gas generators, kilns, foundries, boilers

– Burner systems such as hot gas generators, ladle heating stations, furnace heaters, melting furnace

heaters, afterburner chambers and drying plants

– Service and spare parts: assembly, commissioning, maintenance (on request or in the contract)

Welding technology:

– Welding rod and powder dryers.

About Loesche Loesche is an owner-managed, export-oriented company, which was founded in Berlin in 1906. Today, the company operates from its head office in Düsseldorf and has subsidiaries, representatives and agencies around the world. In 1928 that Loesche built the first spring-loaded air-flow mills, which even today are still known as Loesche mills. Nowadays, Loesche vertical mills form the core of many plants used to dry-grind coal, cement raw materials, granulated slag, industrial minerals and ores. Thanks to its grinding plants with throughputs of 2 to 300 t/h for the cement industry and self-inert, central coal-grinding plants for hard and brown coal power stations, Loesche is the global market leader for vertical mills and turnkey grinding mills. Loesche supplies turnkey plants, which are individually planned and built for the required process steps. This includes plants for processing, material storage, transportation and delivery, vertical mills, hot-gas generators, filter and separator systems, complete automation technology, plants for all aspects of construction above and below ground, steel construction and piping systems. The company has EN ISO 9001 certification and the grinding plants themselves are compliant with national and international safety regulations.

At present, around 330 people are employed at the company’s head office in Düsseldorf, with around 600 employed worldwide.

For more information contact: Loesche South Africa (Pty) Ltd. Tel: +27 11 482 2933 Email: umeyer@loeschesa.co.za Web: www.loesche.com


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