January 20, 2018

Mining Metals Conference 2015

Millsa m&m

Industry executives and governing bodies need to highlight the seriousness faced by African resource-exporting countries in isolating international capital. Actions regarded as resource nationalism have varied widely, from tax hikes through demand for greater state equity and indigenous participation, to renegotiation of stability clauses in mining contracts. Mining can boost economies and present countries with a better future. However, the negative effects can be felt far into the future if stakeholders don’t agree on how to maximise shared value. This conference will explore the role that key stakeholders should play in order to maximise shared value.

Benefits of Attending

  • Awareness and deeper understanding of the role of Africa’s natural resources governance in its economic transformation.
  • An opportunity to discuss frameworks; policy options; and strategies to better integrate mineral, land, fisheries and forest management into national resource management programmes, strategies and policies.
  • Discussing on systems that need to be put in place to safeguard Africa’s wealth and ensure equitable distribution of economic gains so that we can achieve sustainable livelihoods and higher standards of living in 50 years.
  • Discussion to understand why Africa has suffered from policy setbacks.

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Tel: 021 556 9253

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