January 16, 2018

Enhance your security with the P2000 security management system from Johnson Controls


It is imperative for organisations to keep employees safe and productive, while reducing costs and complying with mandates and regulations. Businesses invest in multiple technology solutions that work in isolation, and more than often, there is no intelligent platform that allows these companies to maximise their security investment. Furthermore, it is necessary to integrate disparate security solutions in order to achieve enhanced functionality. Purchasing more card readers or access control technology won’t necessarily bolster security.  In fact, without the right integration platform, your existing, disparate devices and systems could actually be restricting movement, wasting money and limiting your growth potential and productivity.


Johnson Controls is perpetually introducing new features and functionality into its P2000 security management system, an innovative integration platform that’s adaptable to small and large organisations. Installed in thousands of facilities around the globe, it’s helping to lower operational costs and create more comfortable, safer and sustainable business environments.


The versatility of P2000 supports a company’s business growth, providing more intelligence and enhanced functionality to the overall security of a business. For example, it offers:

  • Integrating badging systems with your HR database streamlines operations and reduces human error while creating an audit trail.
  • Combining live video, intercom and open door functionality on one workstation saves staff time.
  • Wireless lock integration reduces installation costs and creates a more secure facility.
  • Intrusion panel integration protects your investment in existing technology and minimises capital investment


The P2000 offers the control of an integrated, future-ready technology platform. It will work with virtually any security and building system technology or equipment currently installed, as well as with new technologies to come, including:

  • Digital Video Recorder (DVR) Integration with Approved DVR Systems – Enables operators to manage recording and camera functions from a single P2000 workstation.
  • Intelligent IP Door Lock Integration – Streamlines the installation process, reduces costs and enables real-time communication in locations where it would be difficult to install a wired lock.
  • IP Intercom Integration – Seamlessly combines live video, intercom request and open door functionality on one P2000 workstation.
  • Intrusion Panel Integration – Enables extended control and auditing of more doors throughout a facility.
  • Elevator High Level Interface – Enables access control integration with elevator system.

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