December 18, 2017

BLT SA delivers two 85T material feeders to Namdeb


BLT SA – exclusive distributors in sub-Saharan Africa for Samson bulk materials handling equipment – has recently delivered two 85 T material feeders to Namdeb Diamond Corporation’s mine in Orangemund, Namibia.

These mobile surface material feeders, based on Samson’s MF 1610W series, were modified especially for Namdeb, to efficiently handle bulk aggregates, including dune sand and rock, as well as desert sand, gravel and tailing.

“Samson’s automated handling systems, which require minimal civil works, are designed to join together fixed and mobile equipment, providing a cost efficient and highly productive alternative to fixed bulk handling installations,” says Charity Gumede, BLT SA’s marketing director. “These surface material feeders, which receive materials directly from 40 T dump trucks, have a buffer holding capacity of up to 66,2 T. These feeders have a regulated output feed rate of 1 000 T per hour, direct to an on-going conveyor system. Material is drawn from the tipping truck in a controlled stream, which means dust generation is significantly reduced, minimising environmental pollution.

“A special design feature of these units was the incorporation of a reject grille that prevents over sized material passing from the feeder to the on-going conveyor. These grilles, which are fully supported by the feeder, can be manually adjusted for different lump sizes.”

Each material feeder is mounted on a chassis with four pneumatic polyurethane filled tyres and has been provided with a heavy duty removable towing frame for repositioning of the feeder around the site.

These units have a deflected chassis design with an inclined discharge section to raise the material to the discharge height, providing simplified transfer to the conveyor system. A horizontal loading section enables the feeder to receive material direct from tipping trucks. This design maximises holding capacity and minimises vehicle access ramp requirements. The flared entry section increases volume entry, providing reduced tipping time and greater flexibility in vehicle alignment.

  For optimum performance, the 5 ply conveyor belts are supported by trapezoidal form, load bearing double apron bars, located on every pitch of the heavy duty conveyor chain.

The electro-mechanical drives comprise a direct coupled electric motor with shaft mounted helical bevel type reductions gears at either side of the shaft. Each drive is controlled by a single AC inverter for soft starting and variable belt speed.

Levelling blade output controllers provide a regulated volumetric discharge to the conveyor proportional to the belt speed.

Instrumentation for enhanced performance and protection of equipment, includes tail shaft rotator sensors and control units, head chute blockage detectors and lockable emergency stop switches.

These material feeders were manufactured in Vredendal, Western Cape, with original Samson components, according to stringent UK engineering specifications. They were transported over 500 km by road to Namibia and are now fully operational on the mine.

Samson fixed and mobile conveying equipment is designed for use in diverse sectors, including mining, agriculture, shipping, transport, power and general industry. The range encompasses link conveyors, grab hoppers, material feeders, radial boom stackers and mobile shiploaders.

BLT SA supports the Samson range with a technical advisory, parts and maintenance service.

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