November 22, 2017

HS range of pumps now available in vertical, horizontal and submersible configurations

Becker Mining South Africa’s extensive range of light, medium and heavy duty slurry pumps includes the HS range, available in vertical, horizontal and submersible configurations. These pumps are designed for optimum efficiency, low maintenance and extended service life in diverse industries, including harsh operating conditions.

The HS pumps range, which is manufactured locally to stringent OEM specifications, includes four different models, in various sizes – from two to eight inch units. HS (horizontal hydro solids), VHS (vertical hydro solids), PVS (pumpmor vertical solids) and HTMS (submersible) pumps are ideally suited to many applications in mining, waste treatment, foundries and steel mills, paper and pulp, food processing, as well as power plants, agriculture and manufacturing.

“These hydro solid vortex pumps are designed to pump sludge and slurries containing large abrasive solids, trapped air and fibrous materials in light, medium and heavy service industries,” says Theo Cambanis, Becker Mining South Africa. “Due to the recessed, non-clog impeller of this range, solids and fibrous materials up to 200 mm (depending on pump size) can enter the suction inlet and be expelled through the pump discharge, without damaging the impeller.

“The PVS pump has a slightly different design, with a locknut locking the impeller to the shaft. This method prevents the impeller from turning off if the motor is started in the wrong rotation direction.”

HS pumps, in horizontal and vertical configurations, offer a flexible drive arrangement, including direct coupled, overhead adjustable, or Z-adjustable belt drives.

HS and VHS pumps, with heads up to 40 m and flow rate capacities to 800 m³/h, can be achieved at speeds of 1 750 rpm. Solids to eight inches (203 mm) and S.G’s to 1,5 can be handled. HTMS submersible pumps have capacities to 636 m³/h and heads to 28 m at 1 450 4 pole speed, with withstand temperatures to 90°C and pressures to 1 380 kPa.

PVS pumps can handle solids to three inches (76 mm) and S.G’s to 1,5. Heads to 20 m can be achieved at speeds from 1 450 rpm and heads to 87 m at 3 000 rpm.

In all models, a robust one piece casing facilitates the flow of all types of solids and fibrous materials and an easily accessible stuffing box minimises blow-back of media around the shaft sleeve, without actual sealing contact.

The heavy duty, hardened chrome iron construction (650BHN) of the wet end of these pumps increases service life. Because all components are locally manufactured, these pumps are readily available and a large stock holding of spares and raw materials ensures swift delivery throughout the country.

Another advantage of the design of these pumps is that spares are completely interchangeable. This reduces inventory management costs and simplifies on-site repairs. The company is also able to adjust its extensive range of pumps to suit specific requirements.

Becker Mining employs a fully integrated ISO quality management system as part of a dedicated design, manufacturing, testing and repair facility.

The company’s extensive product portfolio also includes steel arch support systems, transport systems, rope attachments and communication and collision avoidance systems. The range also encompasses electrical and electronics systems, mechanical equipment, as well as lifting and maintenance equipment.

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