November 21, 2017

A new generation of online automated muckpile fragmentation monitoring system launched

Split‐ShovelCam® System: Automatically Measure Muckpile Rock Particle Size

Split Engineering, the world leader in quantifying coarse rock fragmentation size, introduces the next generation of online automated muckpile fragmentation monitoring systems engineered for mobile digging equipment such as hydraulic excavators and cable shovels. Split‐ShovelCam® automatically captures images of post‐blast muckpiles so that operators are immediately updated with rock fragmentation results. The system provides mine operators the first opportunity to collect and integrate high volume rock size data so that true post blast particle sizes can be trended and modeled.

The Split‐ShovelCam systems offers advanced imaging algorithms to determine the best image capture moment of the dig cycle so that quality images of the muckpile are captured. The continued development has created enhanced features to find rock particles and identify regions of fines. Particle size information and data are immediately produced and integrated into user enabled systems for review, analysis and feedback. Mine operators can now compare particle data to determine the optimum sizing for Run‐of‐Mine (ROM) handling and feed forward processing. The particle size data provides new opportunities for users to make adjustments to blast design to optimize energy consumption while improving throughput and equipment utilization.

Trust your system integration to the experts at Split Engineering. Split Engineering has the focus and pedigree in coarse rock particle size measurement for the worldwide mining industry. Split Engineering directly designs, installs and supports its systems and our size algorithms have been validated and vetted by the industry for 20 years.



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