November 21, 2017

Yellow Plant Tracking Device Launched


GPS Tracking Solutions, a company in the Eqstra Holdings Group, has introduced a new tracking device specifically designed for yellow plant in the mining and construction industries.

The unit tracks operational hours on the equipment which allows managers to accurately depreciate the asset over time. In addition, the unit regulates usage for correct billing and assists users to manage a contract by a load-counter and geo-fencing, supplying an accurate report on tonnage of rock shifted per day.

The unit features a breakdown management programme to reduce downtime on unexpected breakdowns.  In the event of a breakdown, an alert button sends a message to the control centre allowing for rapid response time.  A specially designed mobile app also enables the control centre to log all breakdowns and send repair schedules to a technician’s mobile phone for increased efficiency and improved downtime management.  In addition, accurate reporting of usage enables managers to schedule maintenance timeously.

The GPS units have been installed in more than 1 000 machines across both the Contract Mining and Plant Leasing & Rental divisions.

“The GPS device plays a vital function in driver management with respect to speed, braking and work zone identification. Safety is the number one priority throughout all our operations and being able to monitor operators ensures that all road and safety regulations are complied with,” explains Justin Colling, CEO, MCC Contract Mining and Eqstra Plant Leasing & Rental.

After the successful testing at MCC, the unit is now being rolled out on all plant equipment in the Eqstra Industrial Equipment group and is available to all yellow plant operators on a rental basis at R260 per unit per month.

For more information about the device, please contact Dwayne Porter, National Support Manager of GPS Tracking Solutions, telephone: 011 458 7555, and email

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