December 13, 2017

X- Ray Security Solutions for the mines


Mining operations cross the world-over produce billions of dollars’ worth of precious metals and gems every year, and its security should up on the agenda. It is imperative that organisation have in place appropriate strategy to prevent theft as well as tackling the issues of contraband and strengthening the security facilities – X-ray security systems might be the answer.

Nowadays there is a wide variety of security X-ray systems available within the market place. These range from conventional bag scanners to state-of-the-art X-ray body scanners and vehicle inspection systems. Each one of the product groups has its own application within the mining sector but all of the solutions are directed at preventing theft, tackling the issue of contraband and strengthening the security facility which uses such devices, explains Leonid Zelenkevich, International Sales and Marketing Director for ADANI Systems.

Nevertheless, it is important to stress one significant aspect that is often neglected: the improvement of checkpoint efficiency in line with strengthening the security of mining facility. This can be done by using the ADANI CONPASS full body scanner which is able to detect concealed contraband, ranging from diamonds to narcotics, on or inside the body of any individual in less than seven seconds. This functionality offers security managers the most comprehensive and , at the same time, most efficient personnel inspection system which can both improve inspection efficiency and also provide the most comprehensive searching capability.

Most manufacturers within the industry focus on developing “off-the-shelf” products and selling those without making them flexible enough to be integrated with other devices and security systems upon which the end users are fully reliant.

Whereas, at ADANI we strongly believe that the end user must obtain a solution to their particular problem rather than obtaining a device which addresses part of their issue and will not fully become part of the security operational system. Our company’ strong focus on product development, as well as our capability to develop fully customized devices, allow for our products to be fully integrated into the access control systems, local data sharing networks and any other types of data gathering devices, ranging from barcode readers to iris scanners. This adds extra value for customers as it allows them to ensure that the device is used as part of the fully integrated security system, states Leonid Zelenkevich.

The benefits of integrating the X-ray solutions into the security operations processes within the mining sector range from ensuring that mines are free from narcotics and weapons, to eliminating theft within facilities that extract and process precious metals and gems.

ADANI recently launched a new CONPASS DV (Dual View) solution which is able to detect diamonds as small as one carat hidden on an individual’s body. The product arguably provides the best imaging capability at the lowest radiation dose of any system available on the market.

Application of this technology within the mining sector can eliminate the issue of industrial theft within mining facilities and strengthen security, adds Leonid Zelenkevich.

When adopting X-ray solutions as part of a company’ security measure, one of the main considerations is to make sure the device can function well within the current operational system of mine. Particular issues include software integration and redesign of the operational process in order to ensure that efficiency is not affected by introducing the product whether it is bag, body or cargo scanner.

ADANI X-Ray Solution for Mines

ADANI, a global leader in transmission X-ray full body scanning solutions with almost 500 units sold worldwide to-date, has invested heavily in developing a full CONPASS product range in order to ensure that its solutions are suited to all possible operational and imaging requirements of the end users within the mining sector.

Our motto, “from ideas to solutions”, is specifically applicable to the mining market where we have done a number of projects involving very complex integration tasks, thereby ensuring that the end user always receives the solution which is tailored to their security operations system, says Leonid Zelenkevich.

In addition, ADANI also manufactures a wide a wide range of bag, cargo and vehicle scanners. These solutions address similar issues but cover additional applications. The company’s solutions complement each other, offering complete inspection packages to clients in order to assist them with a fully comprehensive inspection of whatever or whoever needs to be inspected.

When it comes to full body X-ray scanning, undoubtedly, safety is a major concern when it comes to screening individuals. When developing the first CONPASS system, safety was the number one priority for our development teams and it still remains a top priority for ADANI. As a result we offer a product that produces the radiation dose per scan equivalent to spending 20 minutes on an aircraft in flight, which is also 200-times lower when compared to a medical chest X-ray examination, adds Leonid Zelenkevich.

ADANI is certified by SGS in compliance with ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 quality standards. This ensures that all the products that we offer are of the highest quality and meet the international regulatory requirements, concludes Leonid Zelenkevich.

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