December 13, 2017

Aquada UV Systems launched in South Africa

 The global team for Wedeco; one of Xylem’s flagship brands; have developed another industry-leading product in their new Aquada UV-range. The Aquada UV range uses ultra-violet (UV) technology to eliminate bacteria in drinking water. These systems have been specifically developed for residential and commercial applications and are also available in South Africa.

Although water delivered to homes and commercial zones is usually treated with chlorine or other processes, certain micro-organisms can survive and make it into water used for bathing; washing and drinking. While most of these micro-organisms are harmless there are quite a few that are harmful and are capable of causing severe illness.

UV is by far the most effective way to render these micro-organisms harmless. While other home water purification systems improve the taste and clarity of drinking water; Aquada UV systems employs UV-technology to eliminate micro-organisms and improve water safety.

There are several benefits to using the Aquada UV-technology for homes and businesses. Apart from the overall water safety being improved; it is low cost and easy to install. The Aquada-system is simply connected to the main water supply line and then provides UV-treated water to all the water outlets on the premises. There are also no harmful by-products and the taste and appearance of the water is not affected by the UV-treatment. UV-lamps are also easy to replace and only requires replacement after a full year of use.

Aquada UV-systems are available in three distinct models – Altima (economy); Proxima (medium spec) and Maxima (high spec). Each of these are available in five different sizes for homes or businesses; depending on the amount of purified water required; i.e. a hotel would require a high specification Maxima model; whereas for a standard house the economical Altima model would be the best fit.

Xylem Water Solutions now offer South African clients the opportunity to obtain these affordable UV-systems throughout the country. Technological innovation within the water cycle is forever top of mind for Xylem – both globally and here in South Africa. The company boasts a range of world renowned pump-and-water treatment systems within its stable; including Wedeco; Flygt; Leopold; Lowara and Sanitaire among others.

The new Aquada UV-systems underscore Xylem South Africa’s commitment to provide global technology to clients and to ensure that tailor-made solutions are available to clients operating within every part of the water cycle.


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