November 17, 2017

Cost-driven polyethylene pipe product downgrades not advisable – Marley Pipes expert

Marley Pipes 2

There is a high temptation among companies to downgrade their project quality pipe requirements to cheaper, inferior products due to the tough trading environment. Sadly, suppliers can sometimes be complicit in this malpractice in a bid to sell products, Marley Pipes’ Product Specialist, Ian Venter, told African Mining Brief during a tour of the polyethylene pipe manufacturer’s facilities in Rosslyn Park, Pretoria on Wednesday.

One of the malpractices sometimes encountered in the industry during the lean times is using a non-pressure pipe for highly abrasive requirements like slurry transfer in mines, where pressure options would suffice, Venter pointed out. And this becomes very costly to address, he added.

“The best approach is to be sincere with clients. Find out what they specifically want and advice what suits their needs best,” Venter said, adding that Marley Pipes’ cornerstone is interaction with the client.

Mining companies  have to be conscious of the polyethylene pipe products they do require for various fluid conveyance applications, as they might not always get their value for money, Venter cautioned.

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