November 24, 2017

Hydrogen – a solution to Africa’s energy crunch

An economy where hydrogen-based technologies contribute to energy efficiency is no longer stuff of fiction. It’s already here, at least according to South African specialised engineering firm, RTS Africa Engineering.

Shedding more light on the technologies’ advantages, the company’s managing director, Ian Fraser, explains: “Hydrogen is potentially the energy carrier of the future: by transforming electricity to hydrogen through water electrolysis, energy can be stored for later use. It is also considered one of the important fuels of the future as it provides clean and emission-free fuel for transport,” says Ian Fraser, managing director of RTS Africa Engineering.

RTS Africa Engineering is Africa’s agent for NEL Hydrogen, a Norwegian company that has been at the forefront of hydrogen production through water electrolysis since 1927. The company produces electrolysers for large-scale hydrogen production, as well as for hydrogen storage of renewable energy and has installed more than 500 electrolyser units around the world.

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