December 18, 2017

David vs. Goliath in Sierra Leone: the world awaits the outcome

legal challenge

Could the outcome of this case shape the template of the future relations between the community and cash flush mining companies? Will communities earn what they deserve from mineral resources within their communities from mining rights? Or at the very least earn the respect they deserve. A number of questions arise.Only time will tell.

But whatever the verdict, the high profile case where African Minerals Limited being sued in a London court over trampling allegations in Sierra Leone has garnered international publicity. According to the court case, the mining company or its accomplices evicted residents and violently mistreated workers living close to its Tonkolili Project, The Guardian, a British Newspaper reports.

In court papers, the lawyers for the community assert “complicity in false imprisonment, assault and battery, trespass and theft of the claimants’ property

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