January 17, 2018

China-Africa pact to resuscitate mineral beneficiation industry

By AMB Online Reporter

What difference a month makes!

During the Diamond Indaba, there was a feeling resignation that the diamond beneficiation industry was all but on its last knees, as it was reported that some big pocketed big pockets had thrown in the towel.

The China-Africa Summit later President Jacob Zuma expressed the belief that the trade pacts signed between China and Africa would benefit the fledgling mineral Africa’s diamond beneficiation industry.

“African countries want to process their minerals on the continent rather than export them overseas for beneficiation overseas,” commented Zuma during the Forum for China-Africa Cooperation Summit (FOCAC) which took place in Johannesburg.

Mineral-rich countries want to prioritise beneficiation and value addition, Zuma explained.

“We are keen to explore cooperation with China to ensure the long term viability of African mining and extractive industries in a global market. This is important in light of the declining demand for commodities,” he said.

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