December 18, 2017

Drought affects Zambia’s power supply

Zambia’s power supply has been blamed on government’s poor planning and execution of projects. Currently, drought conditions, which are said to be the worst the Southern African region has experienced since 1992, are adding insult to injury.

A drop in the level of Kariba Dam, from which the bulk of the country’s electricity is generated, has lowered capacity.

On 11 December almost the whole country did not have power, an experience which one mining executive termed “Black Tuesday”. A spokesperson from the country’s power supply, Bessie Banda said this was due to a technical fault in the grid.

The power crisis has led to low productivity in the economy, which can be mirrored through retrenchments and projects being put on ice in mining sector. The country’s currency, which is still the strongest in the region, has lost over 40% of its value.

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