November 24, 2017

China to finance Mali-Dakar railway overhaul

Not even two months after the China-Africa Summit, landmark deals are being sealed, and landlocked Mali is one of the recent beneficiaries.

AFP News Agency reports that China, through state-owned China Railway Construction Corporation, will commit funds towards the overhaul of the Malian stretch of the key railway line between Bamako and Dakar, quoting the Malian Transport Ministry.

The Bamako-Dakar line, which is approximately 1,300km long, is in a decrepit state, which is hindering the speed of delivery. Thus, the timing of the development could not have been better.

The renovation will cost $1.4bn. The Senegal section of the line will cost over $1.4bn.

The terms of the Mali deal cover training of engineers and technicians, overhaul of 22 train stations and the construction of the domestic railway line.

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