January 17, 2018

Schneider’s University of Energy offering free energy education

Through energy education, Schneider Electric’s Energy University aims to build a sustainable future.

The Energy University has grown to more than 500,000 registered participants worldwide. It is an online, non-proprietary education tool for energy management and automation. Available in 13 languages to professionals in 185 countries, the programme has provided free energy efficiency education courses to professionals since 2009.

With over 200 free courses to choose from, Energy University offers a wide array of course topics, including energy efficiency, building controls & automation, lighting, HVAC, data centres, industrial systems, electric systems and healthcare.

“The continued momentum of Energy University comes just weeks after world leaders convened at COP21 to discuss a universal climate agreement,” says Chris Leong, chief marketing officer at Schneider Electric. “Energy education is a critical link to enabling organisations and communities around the globe to build a more sustainable and efficient future, ultimately leading to a healthier planet.”

Catalysts of change

“At Schneider Electric, we seek to guide our customers and Energy University participants to become true catalysts of change in their industries and communities by applying what they have learned to make the world more sustainable,” Leong says.

In addition to improving efficiency education, the programme also provides resources to underserved communities where that information is needed most. All Energy University courses are free and discuss real-world solutions and provide practical information on how to make the best use of energy efficiency measures, allowing companies and communities to take advantage of education tools they may not have access to otherwise. In some underserved communities, the access to Energy University is even helping to open doors for employment, paving the way for the first step out of poverty.

Beyond the growth of new participants, Energy University continues to be a training and education staple among existing participants, with many enrolling in free courses on a regular basis. Individual user profiles are diverse from technical support managers and data centre operators to facility managers and systems engineers, demonstrating the far reach of the programme.

Multinational companies are also taking advantage of Energy University’s unique opportunity for professional development. It offers the opportunity for companies to create custom learning paths inside their site to serve as an internal training tool for their employees.

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