January 20, 2018

Colonisers scapegoats for post-independence resource mismanagement in Africa


The Chairperson of Shell South Africa, Bonang Mohale, provided a very brutal answer to explain why resource-rich African countries were still stuck in the Dark Ages, while western countries with no virtually resources were ushering in the Fourth Industrial Revolution, where knowledge will be an invaluable asset: Poor leadership.

Addressing delegates at the just ended African Energy Indaba held in Sandton, Johannesburg, Mohale said poor leadership was the reason why all the hype that the 21st century would belong to Africa  had turned into a pipe dream.

African leaders are in the habit of passing the buck for consequences of their oversights to colonisers, lamented Mohale.“Africa’s problems have nothing to do with our resources. We can trace it down to a lack of management, planning, leading, coordinating and organising,”he remarked.

“We can’t blame God. We only have ourselves to blame,” he added.

In addition, Mohale pointed out that it was due to lack of vision,  that Africa had failed to capitalise on basic, clean and renewable resource of solar, wind and hydro energy.  “The best solar project is in Germany, where they get three months of sun,” he said. “We have labels of the Dark Continent, even though the wind blows rigorously, but we are not harnessing it enough.”

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