January 17, 2018

Mine Support systems designed to offer total safety for underground workers

Becker Mining South Africa plays a key role in ensuring optimum quality, performance and safety
standards in the local mining sector.

“The company’s commitment to providing a critical service to the mines and general industry encompasses the design and manufacture of products and systems, using the latest technology. A specialised consulting, training and support facility ensures optimum efficiency of a wide range of equipment and total safety for workers underground,” says Tom Searle, senior general manager: mechanical, gold and export, Becker Mining South Africa (Pty) Ltd. “Mine safety is significantly enhanced by the implementation of one or a combination of Becker’s specialised multi-technological solutions.

“Becker steel arch support systems are designed for use in friable ground in tunnel applications, including haulages, incline shaft portals and special shafts. These mine support systems are critical for the safety of any mining or tunnelling project and we expect sales growth to remain positive, as long as mines expand and new operations are opened.

“Becker Mining South Africa specialises in the manufacture of steel arch supports, while the company’s German and Polish subsidiaries manufacture long wall coal mining shield support systems for European, Asian and North American coal mines. South Africa’s strata conditions are not suitable for long wall mining, which is why the company only manufactures steel arch supports.

“The Becker steel arch support system finds application in all types of mining due to the adaptability of the design which fits into any shape of excavation. This engineered structure is timeless because of the characteristics of steel used and the mechanical properties derived for the shape of elements of the roof support system.

“More and more applications for these well engineered and adaptable systems are being developed for customers who require long term stand-up support solutions for friable ground conditions.”

Local applications for these steel arch support systems include gold and platinum mines, as well as underground civil engineering projects like the Gautrain. Becker’s roof support systems have also been exported recently into Australasian and African mines, with Zambia being a key user.

Becker Mining South Africa also provides specialised training to customers for the assembly and installation of steel arch support sets.

The company’s specialist manufacturing operation at the Chamdor factory in Krugersdorp is committed to the most stringent quality control procedures during production. These standards conform with the expectations and demands of the global mining industry, including ISO 9001:2008 specifications.

Rigorous tests, which include the chemical and mechanical verification of materials, are performed throughout every production process. All arch sets are pre-assembled and inspected prior to delivery.

The local operation benefits from Becker’s ongoing research and development programme locally and in Germany. Close international ties guarantee the edge on product design, impeccable manufacturing standards, cost efficiency, safety and reliability of equipment.

Becker Mining South Africa’s extensive product portfolio, which complies with government mining
regulations and mining house specifications, includes shaft safety components, underground and
tunnel supports, transport systems and communication and collision avoidance systems. The
range also encompasses pumps, electrical and electronics systems, mechanical equipment, as well
as lifting and maintenance equipment.

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