January 20, 2018

TLT-Turbo GmbH acquires majority shareholding in MechCaL

One of the world’s leading manufacturers of technology-driven industrial fans and ventilation systems with a history of more than 140 years, TLT-Turbo GmbH has acquired the majority shareholding in MechCaL (Pty) Ltd, previously held by the Industrial Development Corporation of South Africa Limited (IDC) and private investors.

Under the agreement, MechCaL’s management team remains as minority shareholders with key staff affirming their ongoing commitment to the company.

“With this investment we are expanding our product range of energy efficient and highly reliable auxiliary mining fans, which we will promote globally,” Thomas Neff, authorised officer of TLT-Turbo and chairman of the MechCaL, commented.

On behalf of his organisation, Prof Jan du Plessis, managing director of MechCaL, said: “MechCaL was at a turning point and needed a change in shareholding. MechCaL is excited to welcome TLT-Turbo as a strategic shareholder for further growth, especially through international markets. In the past year alone MechCaL has significantly increased their product range with the addition of a full jet fan and dual stage fan range for both coal and hard rock underground mining.”

He added: “The interaction between the experts within TLT-Turbo and MechCaL will greatly advance the current research and development initiatives.”
TLT-Turbo GmbH develops and builds radial and axial flow fans and ventilation systems for thermal power plants, mine ventilation, wind tunnels and industrial applications like steel, petrochemical and cement.

.MechCaL was established in 2002 to design, develop and manufacture both axial and radial flow fans, making use of composite materials to improve efficiency and to create a range of products for various industries.

MechCaL developed proprietary software that allowed them to create the initial award winning concepts for energy saving projects and have since combined this with established commercial codes to develop further technologically advanced fans. Their high efficiency robust products are able to outperform and outlast other products on the market while reducing CO2 emissions and achieving sustained power savings.

MechCaL’s main focus in the development of fans is the use of advanced materials and customised solutions.

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