January 24, 2018

Lily mine accident: root of the cause still unknown

Lilly mine

Vantage Goldfields, the owners of Lily Mine in Barbeton, Mpumalanga, South Africa, say experts and management are yet to find a conclusive answer to the cause of the mine’s collapse which left three miners trapped, according to Vantage Goldfields Chief Executive Officer, Mike McChesney.

“We have absolutely no idea and the all the geotechnical specialists that we have consulted in the last three or four weeks have no idea either,” McChesney explained.

The mine, said McChesney, had engaged five internationally acclaimed experts to inspect the mine whom he hoped would provide detailed information on what really happened.

Meanwhile, Vantage Goldfields is building a new entrance to the container where trapped miners are which will take six months to finish. It will be an incline shaft, according to McChesney.

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