January 24, 2018

New UD+ 2-in-1 filter solution sets new standards in filtration for compressed air lines


Atlas Copco Compressor Technique’s new UD+ compressed air single filter which replaces the previous generation two-filter solution, gives a 40% lower pressure drop and removes contamination in compressed air down to 0.01 ppm.

In-line filters are commonly used in industrial applications to decontaminate the compressed air line, removing concentrations of water and dust (and oil in the case of an oil injected compressor) generally found in compressed air.

The two-filter solution is currently used by over 50% of oil-injected compressor applications to achieve suitable quality compressed air, according to Atlas Copco Compressor Technique’s Industrial Air Business Line Manager Charl Ackerman. “The Atlas Copco general-purpose coalescing filter (DD) removes liquid water and oil aerosols down to 0.1 mg/m³ (0.1 ppm) and particles down to 1.0 µm from the air which must then be passed through Atlas Copco’s high efficiency coalescing filter (PD) to remove aerosols larger than 0.01 mg/m³ (0.01 ppm) and particles down to 0.01 µm,” explains Ackerman.

To minimise the energy loss normally associated with compressed air filtration, the filter design must combine maximum contaminant removal efficiency with minimum pressure drop. Atlas Copco has developed a combined technology in the new patent-pending UD+ cartridge filter solution that is capable of removing contamination in compressed air down to 0.01 ppm from a single filter unit.

“This remarkable solution has been achieved without increasing the size of filter housings and with a net pressure drop reduction of 40%,” emphasises Ackerman.

The secret of the UD+ filter’s success lies in a filtration concept known as Nautilus shell technology. While the traditional one or two layers of dense filter media efficiently remove debris, they tend to clog easily, particularly during the removal of wet contaminants. The new nautilus technology is based on spiral pathways for the air to move through; the filter media is wrapped around itself and the filtration area is significantly larger while being less densely packed due to the use of more open, glass fibre media. The filter clogs more slowly, reducing the pressure drop while retaining filtration efficiency.

At a cost of 20% below that of the two-filter system, a 40% lower pressure drop, lower maintenance costs and numerous environmental advantages, Atlas Copco’s UD+ advanced technology presents the ideal universal filtration solution for any reticulation line. “Atlas Copco’s 2-in-1 nautilus concept is defining new standards in filtration for compressed air lines,” concludes Ackerman.

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