November 18, 2017

Inflate your tyres with nitrogen for optimal handling, safety and cost-savings

Nitrogen tyre inflation, which is common in the motor racing and aircraft industries, will increase vehicle safety as well as benefit everyday motorists financially.

Optimal handling, performance and safety are every motorist’s goal and can only be achieved when tyres are correctly inflated to the manufacturer’s recommended pressure. Sustaining this optimal pressure is key and that is where nitrogen offers a significant benefit over regular compressed air.

The molecules in pure nitrogen are larger than those in compressed air, which contains just 78% nitrogen. As a result, pure nitrogen escapes from the tyre at a much slower rate than regular air. If we look at the facts, a tyre inflated with compressed air will deflate considerably faster than a tyre inflated with nitrogen.

 The reason for this has to do with temperatures. When the air temperature increases it results in the road heating up and therefore increasing the temperature of the tyre and the air pressure inside the tyre. This expanding air can essentially over-inflate the tyre, reducing its footprint or the portion that comes into contact with the road and increase the likelihood of it losing grip on the road. Nitrogen-inflated tyres run significantly cooler than those inflated with compressed air, and apart from keeping the pressure more constant it can result in up to a 20% longer tyre life.

 It’s perfectly clear that the simple act of inflating tyres with nitrogen as opposed to compressed air can yield significant performance, safety and financial benefits.

Information credits:  Tiger Wheel & Tyre

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