November 20, 2017

A complete copper piping solution available

Viega’s Profipress copper pipe range for commercial, residential and industrial applications, provides a complete solution for wet and dry services in new or renovation installations and in repair situations.

More than 800 individual components make up the range of fittings and specialised control devices made of copper and gunmetal in sizes 12 to 108 mm, through the pressure range from 2.2 kPa to 300 kPa for virtually any situation.

Pipe materials, pipe dimensions and installation are the deciding factors for the permanent preservation of hygienic water quality and the precision engineering found in the Profipress copper system achieves permanent professional results through their patented system of press connectors while offering a reduction of installation time of between 30 – 50% compared to soldering.

Viega press technology – which is also available for steel pipes, is guaranteed leak-proof due to the fitting’s unique SC Contur safety factor which immediately reveals leakage under test of any un-pressed fittings. Remedial work can be accomplished without time consuming dismantling or pipework modification, even with a system under pressure by simply pressing the leaking connection with Viega’s special pressing tools The innovative design applies a double press connection in one pass – before and after the bead, providing a long lasting, permanent and torsion proof connection. Its high-quality sealing element is optimally protected against damage due to the cylindrical pipe design.

Quick, easy and permanent

The fast processing rate of the Viega press connectors involves just three processing steps – cutting the pipe to length; installing the press connector and verifying the insertion depth – then pressing in one pass. No calibration, as in the case of other piping systems, is necessary which saves as much as 30 to 50 percent in labour time compared to soldering.

A single compact press tool

The pressing operations are executed with the matching press tools and jaws. As well as mains powered press tools, there are also battery powered tools which provide a high degree of flexibility. Their extremely compact design means they can also be used to work in difficult-to-access locations, such as in installation ducts. 180° swivelling jointed press jaw sets provide even greater flexibility where required.

Fire hazard eliminated

Another reason why press connecting technology has had such success internationally is its inherent safety, especially compared to soldering. As pressing involves no open flame, and so poses no fire hazard, no fire safety measures are needed. Consequently, press-connected pipes can often even be installed in hazardous and/or explosive industrial environments without interrupting production operations.

Caters for all wet and dry building services

The Profipress system of 800 different components caters for any type of wet or dry building service including:

  • Water-Flushed Drinking Water Connections
  • Cold Water Distribution
  • Hot water Connections
  • Heating systems – radiator or underfloor
  • Gas – tamper-proof and fireproof
  • Special applications – oil, fuel and solar energy
  • Industrial applications – handling a wide range of liquid and gas media.

 Reliable interfaces

All types of interface fitting connections are catered for including noise insulated wall plates, wall ducts, pre-wall systems and flexible piping systems such as the Viega Fonterra system of water based underfloor heating.

 Materials, production and quality control

Viega only uses materials suitable for use with drinking water such as stainless steel, copper and copper alloys. All organic materials for seals and pipes regularly undergo the relevant chemical and microbiological tests.

 Innovative Product Design

Viega press connectors made of copper, gunmetal and stainless steel cause much less flow resistance than other types of plastic or press brass connectors that are available on the market. When using plastic connectors, a solid core is required for all subsequent cavities, which is then extracted again after production. Brass connectors are simply bored at a right angle – quite the opposite of the flow-enhancing water flow conditions from Viega.

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