November 21, 2017

All systems go for the inaugural Junior Mining Indaba

The inaugural Junior Mining Indaba, coming at the most tempting time in the history of the mining industry as well as very policy uncertainty environment, has hot issues on its agenda, including ore bodies, licensing and incentive schemes.

Elaborating on topical issues in the industry, Bernard Swanepoel, chairperson of the Junior and Joburg Indaba, says: “Moderate size discoveries cost about 300% more in real terms than 20 years ago. The mining industry faces regulatory uncertainty, lack of security on tenure, and combined with low returns for shareholders make funding virtually impossible from traditional and conventional sources.”

The Junior Mining Indaba has a lineup of respected speakers include Neal Froneman, Rob Still, Johan Dippenaar, Andy Clay, and Richard Linnell, just to cite but a few. In addition, a panel of delegates including Maureen Dlamini, CEO of the Zambia Chamber of Mines, will address the progress made by other African governments. Neil Pretorius, CEO of DRD Gold, will touch on the subject showcasing how juniors can make money in the current environment.

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