November 19, 2017

The link between creativity and reality in construction

The link between creativity and reality in construction provides greater advice and information on turning ideas into practical solutions and supporting new ideas, says Frans Pienaar, Chairman of Inyatsi Construction.

Innovation in the construction industry is not only dependent on the company itself, but is influenced by clients, manufacturers, structure of production, industry relationships, procurement systems, regulations and standards, and organisational resources.

“Creativity in the construction industry entails problem-solving and leading-edge solutions in order to deliver world-class projects, while reality refers to the need for innovative technologies. However, not all construction companies are investing enough in this important aspect,” he says.

Innovation strategies are needed that include improving client leadership, building better relationships with manufacturers and mobilising integrated approaches to construction projects. “We also have to improve the flow of knowledge through the development of more intensive industry relationships and integrate project experiences into our processes to ensure we retain tacit knowledge between projects.”

According to Pienaar it is equally important to promote innovative procurement systems to enhance problem-solving, as well as adopting non-standard solutions and allocating risk equitably. He says strengthened performance-based regulations and standards and building organisational resources are also very important.

“Construction companies must implement practices to successfully adopt or generate innovation that will ensure growth and survival, especially for young and small firms with public clients,” he says.

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