November 24, 2017

Bruce Cleaver appointed new CEO of De Beers

Anglo American CEO

Following Philip Mellier’s resignation as CEO of De Beers after serving for five years, Anglo American has announced the appointment of Bruce Cleaver as his successor.

Mark Cutifani, CEO of Anglo American and chairperson of De Beers, believes Cleaver is the right person to steer De Beers in the right direction. “Bruce’s leadership of De Beers’ strategy and its commercial and government relationships working alongside Philippe and over much of the last decade, combined with his time working with us to shape the new Anglo American strategy, provide strong continuity at an important stage in the diamond market’s recovery.”

He adds: “The structural dynamics of the diamond market continue to improve, led by the strength of consumer demand for diamond jewellery. With the proven management team in place, De Beers is well positioned to maximise value for all its stakeholders across the diamond value chain.”

Cleaver is cognisant of the challenging task he faces. Dispelling the growing perception that diamonds are becoming irrelevant, he says diamonds are as relevant to today’s consumers, all over the world, as they were to their parents and their parents before them.

“Diamonds have also made positive contributions to a host of countries that have used their revenues wisely, to communities and to all who have been touched by their mystique and the practical benefits of responsible mining and ethical sourcing,” Cleaver explains.

Cleaver served as De Beers’ executive director responsible for strategy and commercial relationships until 2015, also serving as co-acting CEO for a year prior to Mellier’s appointment in 2011. He was appointed group director of strategy and business development for Anglo American in 2015.

Another change is the addition of the strategy and business development portfolio to the responsibilities of Duncan Wanbald, the CEO of Anglo American’s base metals business.

Anglo American says both appointments will be with effect from 1 July 2016.

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