December 13, 2017

All-metal-hermetically sealed flowmeters handle 350 bar pressure

KOBOLD Instrumentation, represented in South Africa by Instrotech – a Comtest Group company, has on offer their type SMV variable area flow meters and switches that are hermetically sealed and pressure resistant up to 350 bar. A cylindrical flow tube with conical slots around the periphery eliminates the usual problems of variable area measuring principle and significantly increases the insensibility against contamination.

The proven measuring system is located in a robust housing made of brass or stainless steel. Permanent magnets are integrated in flow meter floats made out of different application matching materials such as PP, nickel plated brass, PVDF or stainless steel.

The devices are available as flow monitor with one or two limit contacts. The switching points are detected from outside contact-free by a reed contact. There are designs with attached flow indicator, in which the magnetic field actuates an externally mounted display, which is hermetically separated from the medium.

The available measuring ranges are from 0.1…1 l/min to 10… 250 l/min for water. Depending on the model, a design temperature of up to 100 °C is possible. The protection degree is IP65. The compact instruments from the SMV series are particularly suitable for monitoring cooling water circuits and for detecting low-viscosity lubricants. They can be used in hazardous areas ATEX-zone as “simple operator”.

Applications for Kobold’s SMV flowmeter are for lubrication circuits, paper-making machines, machine tools, glass melting tanks, cooling circuits, welding machines, induction furnaces and pumps.

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