December 13, 2017

I-CAT launches new stockpile dust suppression solution

Stockpile dust suppression has been dramatically simplified with the I-CAT retractable stockpile dust ring (R-SDR) system, which was introduced to the local market to efficiently address dust issues at conveyor discharge points.

I-CAT technical manager Morne van Wyk explains that the R-SDR system creates a virtual curtain around material flow for outstanding particle containment. “Engineered to industrial strength and longevity, the R-SDR system surrounds the discharge flow on all sides, providing simple, focused dust management that is well suited to continuous duty applications, such as radial stackers.”

The R-SDR system boasts a stainless steel misting ring designed for mounting at the end of conveyor belts to aid in dust suppression at the discharge point. What’s more, a variable configuration allows nozzles to be added, removed or replaced with different types and sizes to suit specific applications.

Van Wyk continues: “Thanks to variable particle sizing (VPS) technology, it also features a number of customisable options. It is an intrinsically safe, mounted option, with a fully retractable and serviceable configuration for ease of access, installation and nozzle maintenance.”

The PLC-controlled system also consumes low amounts of water, and a booster pump can be added to increase water flow and pressure. Van Wyk says a hose can be supplied with the unit, which also comes with the option of being equipped with a two-way valve for manual control of water flow.

“The water hose connects directly to male pipe threads on the ring. Water flow can be controlled between 12.3 to 200.44 ℓ/pm at 6.89 bar of input. A water filter can be added for use with non-potable water, for droplet sizes ranging between 50 and 200 microns,” he concludes.



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