November 23, 2017

Lion 700 Alcometer breathalyser launched to the African market

ALCO-Safe, a supplier of quality electronic Breath Alcohol Detectors and Drug Detection equipment and accessories in South Africa, has recently launched the Lion 700 Alcometer, a portable alcohol breath analysis (breathalyser) instrument specifically designed for use in law enforcement, industrial safety, and health and well-being programs.

Alcohol use and abuse in the workplace is a longstanding issue, one which can be addressed by regular testing of employees and visitors entering any business premises, industrial space or, really, anywhere where the use of alcohol poses a threat to health and safety. By using the new Lion 700 Alcometer, businesses can not only test the alcohol levels of anyone entering their premises, but they can also take legal action, using test readings as valid and accurate evidence in a labour court or CCMA hearing. .

The instrument is compact and completely portable, for use in the field as well as on premise. Despite its neat size, the Lion Alcometer 700 has significant memory built into the instrument. Up to 3000 readings can be stored, retrieved and printed at any time, allowing for easy record keeping. Should printouts be required for legal purposes, users can now simply search the memory, retrieve the relevant test results and reprint them.

The Lion 700 has a simple multi-button user interface for increased ease of use. Menu scroll buttons and a select button, which doubles as a power button, allow for simple use and information retrieval. The device also has a range of complementary accessories, such as a carry case and portable printer, making it the perfect device wherever large batch alcohol testing needs to be conducted, and in any situation where test results are required as legal evidence.

“The device meets the European standard for handheld breathalysers for police use, making it ideal for the enforcement of law in any environment,” says Rhys Evans, Director at ALCO-Safe. “When implemented in an enterprise or industrial environment, test results from the device may be printed and used as valid evidence in any disciplinary and resulting labour court case.”

“Of course, with this certification, police forces can also benefit from the ability to keep records of any alcohol testing done, adds Evans. “Police officers are able to neatly and accurately provide evidence of use of alcohol in cases against drunk driving, or any other crime where the consumption of alcohol is considered an influencing factor. Test results can also be easily retrieved in the event of a case being contested by an individual, ensuring accurate enforcement is maintained.”

For companies, particularly industry, the evidence is regarded as solid and credible and can be used in hearings. It is also instrumental in highlighting the ramifications of alcohol use and abuse in the workplace.

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