December 13, 2017

Video-based thermography brings efficiency in monitoring high temperature processing


For a long time, monitoring high temperature processes in various industries has been both a gruelling and costly task. Now, DURAG’s Video-based Thermography System, a modular system with intelligent sensors allows for contactless, optical and thermal online analysis of processes in the combustion chamber. The German company’s technology has optimised monitoring high temperature processes in ways previously considered impossible.

According to Chesney Brady, Operations Director of OEN Enterprises (Pty), distributors of process analytical and control instrumentation solutions in South Africa and other African countries, Video-based thermography can be used in the following combustion process applications:

  • Detection of the Temperature Distribution inside combustion chambers; analysis of unbalanced combustion processes
  • Burning analysis and slag monitoring in power plants
  • Visualisation of flame post combustion chambers and flame front monitoring in waste incineration plants
  • Monitoring ore calcination and hazardous waste disposal in the chemical industry
  • Annealing and pusher furnace monitoring in the steel industry
  • Scale formation and melting charge control in the glass industry

“In the cement industry, the Thermography Analysis System can be used in the following processes: Optimization of main burner operation, Secondary fuel control, Free lime prediction, Stabilization of product quality and Optimisation of maintenance and repair cycles,” Brady adds.

In the main, says Brady, thermography Analysis System offers the following advantages to the end-user: temperature determination of each visible image point of the video sensor, thermal analysis of the local temperature distribution, temperature definition within freely definable measuring window and lines (ROI = Region of Interest / LOI = Line Of Interest), and analysis of thermal samples to identify anomalies in the combustion process.

OEN Enterprises is currently exhibiting its DURAG video-based technology at the Power Gen Africa Exhibition  which is taking place at the Sandton Convention Centre in Johannesburg.  This article is based on African Mining Brief Online’s interview with Chesney Brady at the company’s stand.

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