December 17, 2017

Nigeria exploring uranium mining for nuclear power generation

Nigerian’s widely circulated daily newspaper, This Day, reports that the Government of Nigerian has embraced nuclear energy as part of its energy mix in a bid to address the power supply shortfall.

Nigeria’s commitment to nuclear power generation was underlined by Wuyep Karnap, the deputy director in the ministry of  energy, in a speech during the ongoing week long national training course for nuclear practitioners and security officers on the extraction, exploitation and utilisation for the uranium extraction industry. Most importantly, the training, conducted by experts from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), under the auspices of the government, focuses on the security and health aspects of uranium.

Referring to previous week’s national council on power conference in Kaduna, Karnap pointed out: “The issue of uranium for power generation was actually canvassed as a vital

At the present time, Nigeria does not have the required technology to explore uranium for power generation.

The power grid in Africa’s biggest economy cannot sustain the rapidly growing demand from various sectors. For businesses, the costly alternative of diesel driven generators has become the norm.

The government did not disclose the timelines for the implementation of the nuclear power generation plan.

Ironically, the oil exporting country is also notorious for acute shortage of fuel.

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