November 23, 2017

Diamond exploration intensifies in Mozambique

Is Mozambique destined to be a reputable diamond exporter in the coming years? This question has been raised after the government of Mozambique announced that the Mozambique government’s confirmation that diamonds existed in Massangena district, in Gaza province, according to an interview, the National Director of Mines, Elias Daude, had with the country’s widely circulated newspaper, Noticias.

However, Daude would not reveal the estimated quantity of the deposits that have been found, preferring to say “research work in this region involving national and foreign companies is ongoing”.

“What I will say is that Mozambique is a country rich in almost all types of mineral resources, including diamonds, but unfortunately we have not had the good fortune to make a thorough study and start exploration yet. There are, however, companies doing research in Massagena and this has resulted in the discovery of diamonds,” Daude said.

Nonetheless, he could only reveal that the country was working to formalise the commitment to the Kimberley Process to secure the formal export of diamonds. Without Kimberly Process certification a country cannot be able to sell its diamonds, irrespective of the quantity it has.

Diamonds deposits are believe to be also available in the provinces of Niassa, Tete, Manica, Zambezia, Sofala, Inhambane, Gaza and Maputo.

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